More Than 6 Reasons to Appreciate Sabrina’s “I Love Acoustic 6”

Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA releases the sixth to her highly successful “I Love Acoustic” series—“I Love Acoustic 6”, an interpretation of latest hits in her signature acoustic style that captivated Asian listeners. This is also a follow up to her albums which turned multi-platinum and Gold in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Sabrina I Love Acoustic 6

The “I Love Acoustic” album series

We had a fun discussion with her during the blog con: her reaction towards Kris Aquino mentioning her in the latter’s morning show and to an instagram post, working with Karl Marx in a song “This I Promise You” for his latest album “Now and Forever: The Ballads,” how she plans to have her own family soon, her plans in studying masterals to compensate her lack of experience  in the corporate world, teach children in particular, write shows for TV, how she enjoys the music video making of the single with Myk Perez, how she likes challenges, her belief that education is a worthy investment, how she competes with herself, her focus to goals, continuous reinvention of herself and a lot more.

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Here’s a rundown of reasons to buy Sabrina’s latest record:

1. “I Love Acoustic 6” is purely Sabrina

“Everything you hear here, how I sung every song, for the very first time, is straight from my own heart, fueled by the new sense of burning passion and determination I possess. Nobody telling me how to do this time, nobody teaching me which notes to use, nobody dictating what emotions to deliver. Every note, every stroke, every attack, this time it’s all mine. This time, it’s me you’ll hear. Real, renewed and rediscovered Sabrina,” uncovers Sabrina in the album where she denotes that this album represents her new self derived from everything she’s been through in her past may it be good or bad.

Sabrina I Love Acoustic 6 (7)

“Sa ‘I Love Acoustic 6’ mas involve na po talaga ako ngayon part of my honing as an artist and not just an interpreter. I also gave my input for the lineup of songs. In the record process, my vocals and adlibs are my styles. I’m proud about having a chance to suggest for my album.”

2. “I Love Acoustic 6” has new collaborations

In this album, she collaborated with The Voice of the Philippines finalist Myk Perez for the song “Almost Is Never Enough.” The song is an original song by Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes of The Wanted. Video below courtesy of xhy ryxza.

She worked with Thai artists such as King Pichet and Oil Kunjira (from The Voice of Thailand and The Voice Kids Thailand) for the songs “Treasure” and “We Can’t Stop” respectively which are included as bonus tracks. “It was such an honor working with fellow Southeast Asian artists like King and Oil. When I found out that they were interested to do a duet with me, I got very excited and I said yes right away,” says Sabrina.

3. “I Love Acoustic 6” has an original track

It showcases Sabrina’s growth as a songwriter with the single “Paradise,” arranged by singer-songwriter Toto Sorioso. “I wrote ‘Paradise’ for the two people in the world I love the most. Now I’d like to share it to the rest of the world and dedicate it to everyone who’s in the darkest place of their lives. I’ve been there. The people I love have been there. For all who are there right now, take my song, “Paradise”, as my big bear-hug,” adds Sabrina.

“Every “I Love Acoustic” album, ideally merong kahit isang original na ako ang gumawa. In “Paradise” I tackled depression. Ginawa ko lang metaphor but actually it talks about personality disorders and the things that people do not normally do written in a song. It also tells about the bright side of being in the dark situation.”

4. “I Love Acoustic 6” highlights Sabrina’s version of pop trends

With more than 200,000 albums sold all over Asia of her “I Love Acoustic” series, Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA will once again excite Asian audiences with the release of “I Love Acoustic 6”. Sabrina-fied songs includes “Roar” (Katy Perry),  “Royals” (Lorde), “Wrecking Ball” (Miley Cyrus), “Best Song Ever” (One Direction), “Treasure” (Bruno Mars), “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus), “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke), “If I Lose Myself” (OneRepublic),  “22” (Taylor Swift), “Clarity” (Zedd), “Just Give Me A Reason” (Pink feat. Nate Ruess), “Titanium” (David Guetta feat. Sia) and “When I Was Your Man” (Bruno Mars).

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5. “I Love Acoustic 6” song arrangements show versatility

Sabrina was very outspoken about how happy she was with the arrangements of the songs in the album. “I appreciate you all for taking on with me the challenge of turning already well-loved songs into brand new ones,” gratefully tells Sabrina to musical arrangers Bimbo Yance, Toto Sorioso, Benjie Pating and Ferdie Marquez with the help of her vocal coach Arnie Mendaros.

“Yung single ko ngayon with Myk Perez is an acoustic with soul/RnB. Meron ding ibang atake na ng boses, not playing safe anymore. Songs were straight from my heart and mind,” confidently narrates Sabrina. “Mas pinakikinggan ko itong album na to among all my albums dahil nagandahan ako talaga.”

6. “I Love Acoustic 6” features doodle artworks of Sabrina

Sabrina was able to share to her followers a lot more than singing as she’s allowed to show her other passion to everyone such as sketches and artworks included in this album’s lyrics sheet. “Thank you so much Apol Sta Maria, for enhancing my artworks as you laid them out and ensuring my album design matched my colorful personality,” proudly avers Sabrina. The album’s really cool with Sabrina’s lovely doodle art.

7. “I Love Acoustic 6” is dedicated to all music lovers

Sabrina’s goal is to let the world know about her music, this time she’s pleased to devote “I Love Acoustic 6” to those who appreciated her acoustic renditions all over the world since 2008. “Thank you to all those who bought and will buy the physical copies of my albums. Thank you to all those who download from legitimate downloading sites. Thank you to all those who listen to my songs day in and day out. Thank you to all those who make me and my music a part of your life. You are the reason behind the continuous production of the “I Love Acoustic” album series.” 

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We are happy to share with you another endearing experience with an adorable artist such as Sabrina. She looks great recently, slimmer than ever. Her good vibes were very contagious. Talking to her was such a bliss.

“I have nothing but love and happiness in my heart as I offer you all this talent that I have been blessed with. I wish you all a pleasant listening experience as I offer you I Love Acoustic 6. This is  100% legit, 100% Sabrina,” ends the Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart.

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This album’s intention is to spread joy and inspiration to humanity as she sings her whole heart. I’ll never forget the most important thing she said that afternoon, it is to never lose track of who you are. For me, it best describes Sabrina: passionate about her craft, values her supporters, sincere and down to earth. She touches lives through her songs; it’s what her fans listen to about her.

“I Love Acoustic 6” the new album from Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA, is now out in CDs at leading record stores under MCA Music. It is also available through digital downloads via and iTunes.

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