AJXQuest: Why AJ Rafael Decided to go on Hiatus from Performing?

As the evening begins, the venue was filled by people who certainly admire the music of AJ Rafael and Quest. That being said, I’m sure that we are all music fans.

AJXQuest (14)

Quest and AJ Rafael for #AJXQuest

Clara Benin gets the crowd roaring as she opens the stage for AJ Rafael and Quest. Sali band conquers the stage after Clara’s soothing performance.

Whirling spotlights set the stage when Quest delivers his all-OPM songs. He performed tracks from his recent album, including his newly released music video with the song “Digmaan,” a collaboration song with Julianne Tarroja. Featured in its music video is actress Jessy Mendiola. This song made it on top of my video list below because I felt the song’s sincerity and its powerful message about the battle for not letting go and embracing discipleship. I’m also happy to catch it live and be able to appreciate it wholeheartedly.

When AJ Rafael comes out on the stage, kids started to scream their lungs out. The crowd is super into him. Standing tall onstage, he never failed his audience through his performances with his band as he brought his tales to life armed only with his inspiring piano skills and admirable vocals.

Overwhelmed by the never-ending clapping and cheering, AJ Rafael shared his stand regarding the official notice that he is taking an unspecified hiatus from performing live. “Nobody has ever done to me something like this before,” exclaimed singer-songwriter and musician AJ Rafael pertaining to this great show produced for him. He is grateful for everybody who attended the said concert.

“I really don’t know what to say. You guys know that I’ve written a letter saying that I was done performing for awhile. But you guys know if you know me that it was never over. Sometimes you know, people just need to step back and take a break. Man, it’s been a long time. I mean, I haven’t been doing it and maybe as long as a lot of people are here but I don’t know. I’m just tired man!”


AJ Rafael on keys

“I’m still learning and working everything. I’m learning every day. I’m practicing every day. And I’m just going to be working, singing and writing music. Just writing what I feel. And I’m so honored that you also felt the certain way towards something that I wrote. It’s crazy,” ends AJ as he introduces his next song with Kiana Valenciano dedicated to all his fans and supporters present at the concert.

He shouldn’t be so surprised. AJ Rafael is Manila’s undisputed pop RnB dynamo and You Tube star sensation. But maybe he just need some time off and his willingness to recess should be applauded. We are all looking forward to more handful of verses and to greater relentless records by AJ Rafael.

More about AJ’s indefinite hiatus HERE.

AJ Rafael also performed with Krissy Villongco (who’s coming up with a new album too), Kiana Valenciano and RnB royalties Kris Lawrence and JayR.

Check out these videos, Top 5 among the songs performed at the AJXQuest concert:

1. Digmaan by Quest and Julianne | Video by officialQUESTtv

2. Saludo by Quest | Video by jown peaches

3. Let Me Be the One and I’ll Never Get Over You Medley by Yeng Constantino and AJ Rafael | Video by Yeng Constantino

4. You’re The One by Kris Lawrence, JayR and AJ  | Video by Rnbjayr Sillona

5. Without You by AJ & Kiana | Video by Jan Michael Yap

View photos from AJXQuest one night only concert at Teatrino here:


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