Akapela Open 2015: Celebrating the Filipino A Capella Community

On its third year, Akapela Open 2015 has been victorious again in capitalizing world-class Pinoy voices and talents. This is an annual vocal competition led by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab, a competition deemed to be the first of its kind in the country. It aims to promote contemporary a capella singing and appreciation for vocal harmony performance.Akapela-Open-01-(4)

Acapellago, an a capella pop group composed of Michelle Pascual, Almond Bolante, Joshua Cadelina, Avin Laderas and Ron Laderas, regains the championship with their performance of Philpop original “Trianggulo” and Cristina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque.” The group was the first emerging Akapela Open grand champion in 2013.

Meanwhile, Dynamix won second prize and Pinopela held the third place. Male quartet Part 4 and singer-composers Thyro and Yumi also performed for all of us that night. More photos HERE.

Ten groups performed at the Meralco Theater stage: 10,000 , D’Mortal Instruments, Dynamix, Five Percent, G Harmonic, Iskala, Mouthfools, Pinopela, Acapellago and Voices. Special citations include D’Mortal Instruments as the PLDT Home Telpad Viewer’s Choice awardee and Acapellago acquired the Best Arrangements Award.

Being part of the Akapela Open family makes us proud. We are indeed thankful for this wonderful chance to support another kind of Filipino pride and the Pinoy a capella community. This event has been supported by One Meralco Foundation and PLDT-SMART Foundation.

#whathappensbackstage and our favorite shots at the Akapela Open 2015

1. Our place and the wonderful time spent waitingAkapela-Open-01-(1)

2. Bromance stories and Part 4’s anticipated performance and humorAkapela-Open-01-(3)

Akapela-Open-01-(7) Akapela-Open-01-(5)

3. Perfecting the final pose

Akapela-Open-01-(2) Akapela-Open-01-(10)

4. Gathering during the company call


5. Mrs. C’s reminders and advice regarding competitive edge in singing


6. The solemn moments and praying circles before the final performance  

Akapela-Open-01-(23) Akapela-Open-01-(17) Akapela-Open-01-(18)

7. Doing their best to perform at the rehearsals kaya #biritpamore


8. To focus and to listen is something we have to learn to do

Akapela-Open-01-(22) Akapela-Open-01-(21)

9. Looking forward to a sumptuous dinner and get-together after the show from an awesome table set-up

Akapela-Open-01-(25) Akapela-Open-01-(24)

10. #selfiepamore includes one with Mr. C himselfAkapela-Open-01-(15)Akapela-Open-01-(13)

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Leaving you with Acapellago’s version of “Show Me How You Burlesque,” video by Acapellago Official.

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