AKAPELA: Our First A Cappella Concert Experience

We’ve been a big supporter of a cappella singers since the time we are asked to cover the Akapela Open led by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. Since then, it’s been a great three-year experience working with the most amazing people in the music industry.

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We are glad to experience another first as the Philippine Contemporary A cappella Society beams with pride this year to present AKAPELA, a one-night-only contemporary a cappella concert featuring two of this generation’s most talented and in demand vocal acts in the country today — Pinopela and Baihana.

The goal is to raise funds for Pinopela’s upcoming international a cappella championships in Singapore as they will represent the country in July. The successful a cappella debut concert was held at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati on April 23.

Introducing the Philippine Contemporary A cappella Society, they are the young and dynamic group spearheaded by Krina Cayabyab and JJ Valiente Pimpinio as they aim to demonstrate leadership in the development, awareness, innovation, and education of the contemporary a cappella community so that every Filipino music creator, singer, educator and fan of this genre may further extend the love for vocal music.

Their mission is to promote and cultivate contemporary a cappella music in the Philippines through performance opportunities, recognition and education; to foster local artists that they be recognized around the world; and to enrich Original Pilipino Music through vocal music.

In Photos: Akapela

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You can view more photos HERE courtesy of VerJube Photographics.

The aca-perfect concert experience is a full-length cappella music as vocal groups perform current and old sound favorites, medleys and mash ups in an eargasmic contemporary vocal arrangements. They always set the bar high as they display the power and beauty of the human voice. It is such a magnificent experience that the more you discover, all the more you are amazed with a cappella.

Here are some of the happenings in videos courtesy of WhatsHappening.COM.PH & AXL Powerhouse Production Inc.

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