‘Byaheng Pangarap’: Gloc-9’s Tales from the Road

Last November 9, famous Pinoy rapper Aristotle Pollisco a.k.a. Gloc-9 released “Byaheng Pangarap,” a docu-concert that chronicled his personal hustle in the Philippine hip-hop scene. While the narrative footages felt promising, it certainly captured the journey from his humble beginnings to his struggles as an artist.

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Interviews and never-before-seen clips were mostly taken from home or on the road elsewhere while riding a jeepney, the Philippines’ most popular means of public transportation. Recounting his life and music’s rich and lightheartedly complex history makes it an absolute subject for a documentary.

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Gloc-9’s concept was a stroke of genius that he got people focused to songs with lyrics perfectly crafted and attention-grabbing subjectsWhen you’re hungry for a true sense of originality, you can watch and listen to this DVD album all at the same time.

Gloc-9’s “Byaheng Pangarap” has also taken the format of a live music performance with an effort to account the behind-the-scenes look at his life and first attempts in recording. He compiled 13 songs from his previous albums “Mga Kuwento Ng Makata” (MNKM) and “Liham at Lihim” including this new collaboration with former Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Vinci Montaner entitled “Businessman,” and arranged by Jazz Nicholas (Itchyworms). Watch the official music video below courtesy of UniversalRecPH.

The concert’s graffiti designed by Rai Cruz, streaking lights by  Shakira Villa Symes and awesome set design by Tuxqs Rutaquio were exhibited while breaking his statement straight from his heart with the stand out performances as he lets his audience experience a full spectrum view of what his music is all about and his driving force behind it.

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“Magandang gabi po. Unang-una, gusto kong magpasalamat sa inyong lahat dahil pumunta kayong rito at pumunta kayo nang sobrang aga. Hindi n’yo po alam kung gaano namamaga ang puso ko ngayon sa tuwa dahil nakita ko kayong lahat,” speaks Gloc-9 at his screening launch attended by actor Robin Padilla, his record producer and founder Enrico Santos and his solid supporters.

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He sets off to define what rap means to him. He makes the entire people be involved through stories that speak of the nation. It outlined Gloc-9’s career 17 years ago up to present time until he became a phenomenal hit songwriter of “Sirena,” a viral sensation with  Ebe Dancel and the first single from the album “MKNM,” which indicated the music industry’s new faith to Pinoy rap.

His being a proficient songwriter was undeniable as “Sirena” topped the charts. It was soon followed by another Gloc-9-branded track entitled “Magda.” It’s a song collaboration with Rico Blanco gaining a lot of high respects from fans as it tackles the story of a modern day prostitute.

Every performance was well-applauded. Beyond beats & rhymes, Gloc-9’s band composed of Billie Gary Reyes & Archie Salvador (guitar), Fernan Cruz (bass), Mark Jasper Grutas (drums) and Roberto Luzon (keyboards) has given his hip-hop sound a positive force in the right direction with the help of Lirah Bermudez & Sharissa Rivera Santos on back up vocals.

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It’s a little cheesy to tell that his version of “Hindi Sapat” was the top favorite. Maestro Ryan Cayabyab’s keyboard sound gave a fresh take on the song that served as the remarkable impact with Cooky Chua’s vocals as its strongest attribute. “Ako po ay nangliit dahil sa isang katulad ninyo ay nagpaunlak sa aking suntok sa buwan. Isa po sa pinakamasayang oras ko sa mundo ng musikang ito ay nang lapitan nyo ako more than 10 years ago sa isang songwriting competition at tanungin na “What is your name young man?” Sobrang saya ko noon, Sir. Salamat po talaga,” tells Gloc-9 his admiration and joy in performing this song with Mr. C.

“Alalay Ng Hari” is focused to one of the men behind Pinoy rap music, the Master Rapper and his mentor who guided him through the ins and outs of the industry, Francis Magalona. The song, a collaboration with Johnoy Danao, traces the presentation to Francis M’s most popular songs as stated in the lyrics.

The Philippines’ Blacksmith of Words and Letters Gloc-9 took us on a rollercoaster ride complete with rises and falls, thrills and spills in distinct collaborations with Marc Abaya for “Tsinelas Sa Putikan,” Chito Miranda for “Pison” & “Lando,” Sly Kane & Lirah Bermudez for “Huminahon Ka,” Denise Barbacena for “Hari Ng Tondo,” Ebe Dancel for “Sirena,” Rico Blanco for “Magda,” & “Hindi Sapat,” Maychelle Baay for his only English song “Thankful,” and Tippy Dos Santos for “TakipSilim.”

Gloc-9’s rise to fame, beats, rhymes and life are the essence of his significance to his well-loved industry. It’s a step back to all the memories that bring cohesiveness and a fulfilling insight, making his music’s ultimate message clear: Pinoy rap will always be a labor of love, not just a business.

“Nagpaikot-ikot. Nagpabalik-balik. Na-traffic. Tumirik. Naubusan ng pamasahe. Napagod. Natisod. Nadapa. Umiyak. Pero kasabay ng lahat ng ito, ako ay naniwala.” ~Gloc-9

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Buy Gloc-9’s “Byaheng Pangarap” for only Php550 (DVD+CD) or CD only for PHP 300, released under Universal Records, out now at your favorite music stores. Also available in iTunes

***Updated 18 Feb 2015***

Sharing you Gloc’s latest single from the album, a collaboration with Kjwan frontman Marc Abaya, “Tsinelas Sa Putikan.” Video by UniversalRecordPh.

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