Cherie Gil Shines Even Brighter in “Full Gallop”

It has been a journey defined by a great performance like Cherie Gil, with an infinitely majestic background. Solo performers are known to be brilliant storytellers, and Cherie Gil’s incarnation of Diana Vreeland onstage is an immense illustration. Through “Full Gallop,” I have come to appreciate the “Empress of Fashion’s” priceless contribution to the fashion industry today.

Full Gallop

Cherie Gil as Diana Vreeland in “Full Gallop”

She performed addressing the audience directly which I definitely did not expect. An active involvement of the audience in her solo act is definitely something to watch out for. There’s so much to devour, watching “Full Gallop” treats us to what Diana Vreeland has to say about art, life, and fashion.

The “Full Gallop” team has genuinely brought back Diana Vreeland to live stage. Cherie Gil mimicking her imperious voice just killed it!

Full Gallop (3)

Director Bart Guingona

The after-performance press con gave us another chance to meet the people behind Full Gallop including Director Bart Guingona and G Toengi who voiced Yvonne, Diana’s assistant. Seeing the team’s progress starting from the press launch to the forum until the press preview, they continue to wow us with their passion and hard work.

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“It’s such a joy performing such a wonderful character and iconic women. And when I turned 50, I knew that I needed to do something that would help me even grow some more,” opens Cherie Gil at the press con held after her most powerful and outstanding press preview performance in RCBC Theater.

Full Gallop (2)

“This has been one of the happiest moments of my life,” as she has been thankful for all the support to produce and show “Full Gallop to a wider audience.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience to watch Ms. Cherie Gil in her most award-winning role in theater to date. She has her own marvelous comic, it’s a discovery. She’s very elegant and stunning in her Kabuki hair style and Diana Vreeland look by Reuben Nazareth, a beautiful tusk necklace ornament and a pair of black refined footwear. It’s a fact that Cherie Gil will be wearing different outfits in every performance. She was glamorous in a black Japanese-style dress by fashion designer Rajo Laurel in the very monumental stage. It was also very delightful to see fresh flowers in the “garden in hell-themed” apartment.

Cherie Gil and Diana Vreeland in Comparison

I tried watching Diana Vreeland’s “The Eye Has To Travel” documentary where her established and countless trends were most notable. Cherie Gil on the other hand is an award-winning actress. Two different women but both remarkable and legendary in each other’s rights.

Full Gallop (5)

“She never remembers names, I admit! And she loves to tango. I don’t think I can come close to Diana Vreeland  because by reading the script and by having to dig deeper and  research, I have learned so much because of how she looked at things,” narrates Cherie imparting us her experiences in learning so many things in portraying the role and the era marked by Diana Vreeland.

“Lumawak ang aking paningin and I don’t ever think I’ll ever be the same again. I want to keep growing and learn more things. As an actor, this is a gift that we have as actors because we learn from people such as Vreeland.” Her love for fashion, and her love for her husband and her sons,” she continues.

By doing theater, I’ve had the gift of being led to people that I’ve never thought I would have met. When I did Masterclass, I was in NY and through Luy Arsenas, I was able to meet Terrence McNally who wrote the script. And then now, having done this, I received an email from the ex-Diana Vreelande Brenda Vaccarro giving me words of encouragement. Wow! Maybe, this is what happens when you love something so much, when you put your passion into it, and the fears that go with it, and work hard at it. It’s a place where there are open doors to a bigger universe, who knows!”

Full Gallop (1)

PR and Publicity Consultant Toots Tolentino

Fashion or Fasyown needs to watch “Full Gallop”

This weekend marked the end of a two-weekend series of Full Gallop. Produced by MyOwn Mann Productions, Inc. and Actor’s Actors  Inc., a play written by Mary Louise Wilson and Mark Hampton, and inspired by the life of the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland. I hope you guys can still catch it.

21 Mar 2014 at 8pm
23 Mar 2014 at 4pm

For ticket inquiries, call 215-0788 or 0917-5378313. Tickets are also available through Ticket World at 891-9999 or

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  1. hitokirihoshi says:

    I think kung sino man dapat sundan na character actress, yon ay cherie gil, In fairness sa kanila ng brother niyang si michael de mesa they are really passionate about their craft something na wala madalas sa iba.

    mabuhay sa project na ito.

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