Darren Espanto: ‘Be With Me’ on My Journey to Music

We miss covering blog conferences and meet blogger friends, this time we enjoyed tremendous fun conversations and moments with Fil-Canadian singer, Darren Espanto.

Darren Espanto - Be With Me (4)

Time flies so fast that this young man has been achieving countless accomplishments in his career at such a young age since breaking out in “The Voice of the Philippines” Kids edition. He’s growing up so fast that even though it kind of makes me feel old, it gives me this feeling of inspiration whenever I hear his music and transitions.

I think it’s a normal feeling to be proud though that he doesn’t stop chasing his dreams with a high mainstream relevance morphing into a teen pop star sensation.

At the blog con, he shared some honest conversations — he has written songs for his sophomore album “Be With Me,” promoting a sure hit concert “D Total Experience,” answering controversial issues and enumerating the journey as an artist with his unstoppable Darrenatics fans remaining by his side.

Darren Espanto Sounds Better in Be With Me

“I got to learn more techniques and tips in this new album, got inspirations from the song writers that I worked with and eventually found and developed my own sound,” said Darren. With top-notch producers Kiko Guevarra, Jungee Marcelo, Jay-R, Kiko Salazar and a line-up of international and top Filipino composers backing him up, the standards of this album sets it apart from his previous debut album.

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“Hanggang Hi Hello” and “Home” are the songs written by Darren. The successful new single “7 Minutes” debuted at #1 on iTunes Philippines on its first day of release, written by international composers Cimo Frankel, Jochem Fluitsma, Mark van Tijn and Ramon Marco. Musicm video below by DarrenEspantoVEVO.

“Starlight” was written by Singaporean composer Amir Masoh (Jacky Cheung, Ziana Zain) also topped iTunes Philippines Singles Chart on its first day of release.

Upon listening to “7 Minutes,” “Starlight,” “Parachute,” and “Surrender,” Darren displayed his strong voice and vocal consistency. With his growth as a young singer, I think he sounds better in “Be With Me.” I love his signature pop-RnB tone in a more depth, upbeat, relatable, electro-pop elements. His ballads are always melodic, delivers straight to the heart lyrics. Darren has conquered the world through pop and with this album, it has become an immense contribution to pop music and OPM.

“Be With Me” is now out through digital downloads, streaming and in CDs at leading record stores.

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Darren for D Total Experience

Darren expressed his profound gratitude to the support and love of Darrenatics that he is dedicating this concert to them. The admiration continues! Be with Darren Espanto in a high-flying performance at the KIA Theater on June 25, 2016 with “D Total Experience.” With special guests Maja Salvador, Jed Madela, Nico Pascual, G-Force. Tickets are available on Ticketnet. Ticket Prices: Php 4500 / Php 4000 / Php 3000 / Php 2000 / Php 1000. Video invitation below courtesy of TicketNetPh.

My camera hovered on the sight of him smiling, photo op sessions started and more interactions from us bloggers took place as the event come to an end. After he finished answering all questions, it was overwhelming for me to still see Darren’s innocence and purity.

Darren Espanto - Be With Me (2)

We are all proud of his determination to reach his goals, be the person he has become and yet still humble and easy to work with beyond his young accomplishments. No wonder how fans all over the world love him like crazy and unconditionally.

More photos from Darren Espanto’s Be With Me blog con HERE.

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