Hotspot Benefit Concert: Top 10 Greatest Fan Moments with Daniel Matsunaga

This is my first post for the year as I give you a very delightful topic. It’s been a while since I have written light moments about some of my live music experiences. This time, I decided to write about fans from photos taken at a benefit concert held at the Music Museum last December. I personally chosen them as it showed memorable moments, unbelievable artist-fans communication at the audience and supporter’s undying love.

Daniel Matsunaga (1)

Actor/model Daniel Matsunaga came to prominence after winning ABS-CBN’s “PBB All In.” He diplayed his most dashing charm onstage, even though he may not really be a singer. He performed along with other beautiful artists like Shamcey Supsup, Ken Alfonso, Ara Arida, Fabio Ide, Quennie Rehman, Benjamin Alves, Wyn Marquez, Lem Pelayo and Venus Raj.

Daniel Matsunaga (2)

Daniel Matsunaga (3)

Daniel Matsunaga (4)

Let’s take a look at the photos below:

1. Spotlight moment – “Yung pakiramdam mo kayong dalawa lang sa buong venue.”
Daniel Matsunaga 1

2. Never ending photo capture – “Walang lala-lalaki kung si Dan-Dan.”
Daniel Matsunaga 2

3. Unlimited selfie – “It’s now or never lang ang peg ni Ate!”
Daniel Matsunaga 3

4. Starstruck lang – “Yung parang nakita mo na ang future mo.”

Daniel Matsunaga 4

5. You just want to grab him – Hearing screaming fans flocked at the venue really sound loud and awful but the fact is, it’s the fan’s easiest way of telling the world how they love their idol.

Daniel Matsunaga 5

6. Flirting, maybe – There are a the few signs we consider but a warm hug is different. “Yung huminto ang mundo mo maski sandali lang.”

Daniel Matsunaga 6

7. Eye to eye contact – It’s basically an eyeball hug.

Daniel Matsunaga 7

8. Shy type – “Yung kaway-kaway lang eh masaya ka na.”

Daniel Matsunaga 8

9. Groufie pa more – “Kung pwede lang gawin ni Dan-Dan yan sa lahat ng fans, gagawin naman niya. Singkwenta pesos nga lang isa.” Kidding aside, I’m very impressed about how accommodating he was in taking selfies and groufies with his supporters after the show. “Mapapa-hashtag ka ng #minsanlangto!”

Daniel Matsunaga 9

10. Daniel + Maris love team – They performed a duet with the song “Someday Will Know” originally by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman. I’m delighted to show you this candid photo taken at the concert when the audience cheerfully teased them. #Danris

Daniel Matsunaga 10

Check out the video below by Inside Showbiz.

This is the significance of having your event at Music Museum, there’s a chance of meeting your favorite artist after the show. Meeting them is one of the important opportunies as a supporter. Engagement and interaction from these artists will develop even larger fan base, as it maintains and fosters relationship among existing and new fans. Sometimes exceptional loyalty leads to friendship, making them more inclined to influence others to spread greater interest about the artist.

I hope this entry has given you a bigger picture of the happenings during live music events. Wishing everyone of you to please try, come and watch more live performances this 2015. Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to experience even more wonderful music!

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