‘Kakaibabe’: Donnalyn Bartolome’s Fresh Start

“I found out that a woman who can rap is unusual. I also found out that I can rap. So why can’t it be acceptable for girls to do it? Yes, I tried performing rap with my song “Kakaibabe” even if others told me that it’s contradicting to my looks” says Filipino You Tube sensation Donnalyn Bartolome in a blog con organized by her record label.Kakaibabe (1)

In 2008, she first set her video on You Tube not thinking that it can go viral. Her main reason setting up an account was only to connect with her loved ones abroad. It’s great to find out that she can also act and dance.

“Nagumpisa ako mula sa paga-upload ng You Tube videos like songs of Rihanna when I’m 13 years old. I didn’t know how to sing but I still pursued in developing my singing skills and eventually malaman na mayroon pa lang tinatawag na vocal ranges suited for a song. “I recorded again, uploaded and showed it to my friends until it all became public. Also, being a rapper is not easy because one must learn the proper breathing to deliver long verses,” narrates Donnalyn as she also enumerates her challenges in learning rap.

Posers and impersonators didn’t stop her to do well in this craft as she cites some of her rocky experiences. After she came out public, everything became clearer.Kakaibabe (3)

Dressed down in a simple floral dress and trendy shades, Donnalyn seems happy. “I used to be a simple girl who managed being a student and a guardian to my siblings. I started working at an early age and I also love teaching kids,” expresses Donnalyn. Since it’s my first time meeting her, I find her very bubbly and outspoken.

“Nakakatuwa lang kase marami po talagang sumusuporta sa akin, not unlike any other artists,” confidently tells Donnalyn as she was really blessed with ample amount of followers and wonderful supporters.Kakaibabe (2)

With her single “Kakaibabe,” a song included in “Ang Diary ng Panget” OST which was released under Viva Records, she has worked with singer-songwriter Thyro Alfro. It’s not only her first time writing a song but it’s also her first time recording one in Filipino. “Thyro has helped the sound to be more beautiful and its verses more meaningful,” adds Donnalyn. This Pop-Rap-RnB song is a reminder for guys to give importance to girls. She looks up to popstar Nicki Minaj in this genre.

Kakaibabe’s music video above is courtesy of vivamusicgroup1. Donnalyn was also featured in the movie theme song entitled “Tuloy Pa Rin” for ABNKKBSNPLAko?! with Thyro & Yumi, Shehyee & Sugar High.

The anthemic “Kakaibabe” features lines from the original hit songs including Abra’s Gayuma, Sheyhee’s Trip Lang, Daniel Padilla’s Na Sa ‘Yo Na Ang Lahat and Jireh’s Buko, all put together in one song. “Kakaibabe” will also be the title of her upcoming album which will consist of 7 all-original tracks, with the same title track and songs that were mostly written by Donnalyn. As the title suggests, it’s a brave representation for women. Checkout Kakaibabe’s BTS below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

On songwriting, “When I write songs, hindi ako makapagsulat kapag masaya ako. Kailangan emo o malungkot ako bago ako makapagsulat.” It’s not everyday I feel like writing, usually it depends on my mood. It doesn’t matter if I first produce the words or the sound,” says Donnalyn as she plans to study more about music related course to further develop her skills and do things with motivation.

Through it all, music has remained a constant in Donnalyn’s life. “I’m a 19-year-old simple girl who strives to do my best in all the things that I’m happy to do,” she says. “With overwhelming support from her fans, she denotes that they are the people who make her better each day. “Hindi ko po alam. Hindi ko alam kung anong meron ako. Ang ginagawa ko lang is to post stuff at kapag may kwento ako, I interact with them. I’m fortunate that they also love my family as I always remind them the importance of being with their family. I share a lot of imperfections until people can relate to my stories.”


Donnalyn Bartolome’s “Kakaibabe” debut record will be out soon. In the meantime, Ang Diary ng Panget OST is still out in record stores and downloadable via iTunes. Leaving you with the songs included in the official movie sound track below courtesy of Viva Ent & vivamusicgroup1:

No Erase by James Reid & Nadine Lustre

Paligoy-Ligoy by Nadine Lustre

Natataranta by James Reid

Dyosa by Yumi Lacsamana


Updated: 8/5/14

Checkout the happenings at the blogcon, video by vivamusicgroup1.


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