Kean & Eunice: Top 10 Best Things About “Happy Together”

The name Kean Cipriano and Eunice Jorge are usually associated with pop rock bands, but something you might not know is that they have a deep love affair with music for a long, long time.

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This new release “Happy Together” is a labor of love that pays loving homage to the music and artistry they hold dearly. There are 10 tracks that throwback us to diverse genres in this collaboration project by Kean and Eunice, released under Universal Records. Maybe, it’s one of the artist’s journey or when they experiment as much with themselves and their influences.

It stands as proof that those songs can blossom into great relationships and that’s the magic of music. The album is available in music stores and can be downloaded via iTunes. Album preview below courtesy of UniversalRecPH.

There are a lot more things to know and love about the album. Below is our top 10 best among any other reasons you can think of.

1. #HappyTogether is without a doubt a trip down memory lane.

Sing-along together with Kean and Eunice as they interpret the classics with a modern twist. Listen and finally appreciate the songs that your folks loved to listen to.

“I never saw myself doing a cover album so to speak. The fact that these songs are timeless songs, it has given me the opportunity to sing them for an album. It’s a big thing for me, for us.” ~Kean Cipriano

2. #HappyTogether bridges the gap between generations.

“Ito ‘yung CD na kapag plinay sa kotse ng ermat o erpat nila with our version, there will be a certain connection that will happen. Masasabi nilang “Ang kantang yan, panahon ko iyan, jam namin iyan, soundtrip namin dati yan.’ Magkakaroon ng familiarization sa panahon noon na magtutulay ng kakaibang bonding from generation to generation.” ~Kean Cipriano

3. #HappyTogether celebrates the undeniable chemistry between Kean and Eunice.

“Kean is very optimistic. Siya iyong kahit bad vibes na kaya pa rin niyang baligtarin ang sitwasyon. Basically kapag kasama ko siya good vibes at happy lang parati.” ~Eunice Jorge

“I like her because she’s so good to be true. Wala akong na-feel ever na anything na masamang tinapay na galing sa kanya. She’s a very down to earth person na I can spend 48 hours straight just talking to her, writing songs together and jamming. Not just writing songs but playing around talking about music and non-music stuff. I mean she talks sense and that’s the most important thing in the world.” ~Kean Cipriano

Kean & Eunice Happy Together (2)

“Kean and I are both crazy with music.” ~Eunice Jorge
“That’s what I love about her, she’s crazy. Crazy good.” ~Kean Cipriano

4. #HappyTogether has timeless selections of hit songs

“That’s the main light bulb moment of the album, rendering songs from the past and do it in the present time, telling these stories in this time. They are popular songs with a bit of contemporary approach. But these songs cut through us. Habang inire-record namin siya, there are many questions left in our heads. There’s this nostalgia in the album. How did they come up with this song? How did they write the lyrics?” ~Kean Cipriano

5. #HappyTogether track favorites are 2, 3, 4 & 5

This is the album that spurred them to follow their dreams as singers. All of the songs from #HappyTogether album were hand-picked and display their own vocal prowess complimenting each other’s incredible musicianship. The duet that stands out include “Islands in the Streams” and “Can’t Take My Eyes of You.” Eunice has an impressive version of Lulu’s “To Sir With Love.” “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” is a great piece of arrangement too.

6. The kilig conversations during the #HappyTogether presscon

Q: Mag-bf-gf ba kayo?
Kean: No. Yeah! No. Hinihintay ko lang na ma-develop sa akin itong babaeng ito.
Q: Nililigawan mo siya?
Kean: Alam kong iniisipan ninyo ako agad ng masama at pinagbibintangan niyo ako sa mga utak niyo, pero aaminin ko marupok po ako, mga kaibigan. At marupok pa rin ako hanggang ngayon. Madalas kasi kaming nagkakasama ngayon, so unexplainable. Yeah!
Q: Eunice, ano reaction mo na hinihintay ka lang niya na ma-develop ka sa kanya?
Eunice: Well, I don’t really know. Time will tell. Pero sa ngayon ini-enjoy ko iyong ginagawa namin together. This project, I’m so glad it’s with Kean.

7. #HappyTogether’s truth behind the indescribable Kean-Eunice relationship.

“Everything is just very mutual and comfortable, which is good. To tell about the online thing, aksidente lang iyon. We posted something and then they double tapped the pictures. They liked it. Bigla lang nangyari, bigla lang silang natuwa. Though mayroong mga nagsasabi na ‘oh, we’re so brokenhearted’ dun sa mga fans ni Eunice. Pero they like it, they love it. We’re actually promoting love and being happy together – that’s the main point.” ~Kean Cipriano

8. Band collaborations at #HappyTogether album

“Actually, mas close ang banda namin ngayon. Mas close kami, before pa naman noong nagsisimula sila. Nagtu-tour na kami (Callalily) nationwide with Gracenote, sila ang lagi naming kasama. Isa kaming pamilya pero ngayon dahil sa project na ito we get to understand kung ano talaga ginagawa namin. We get to love ourselves more as musicians, as colleagues. There’s this whole camaraderie na nangyayari. The fact that they are supporting us in this Happy Together project that’s a really big thing for us – support from our bandmates, letting us do this special project.” ~Kean Cipriano

9. #HappyTogether rocks

“Kean with suspenders. Eunice with a very girly headband. Ibang-iba kami rito. The thing we do with rock and with these songs shows that we love music so much. We don’t tag ourselves that we are rock musicians only. I mean we are musicians.

Kean & Eunice Happy Together (4)

Maybe it’s my you-should-know-you-are-a-singer side that makes me realize that I am  a singer. Ito ang vocal side ko, may ibang energy at element. I’m used to playing with a guitar and my bandmates, then this time I’m doing it with a pretty lady.

Maybe it’s also like an alter ego. Nasa stage ako na hinahanap ko ang sarili ko sa lahat ng nangyayaring ito. It’s not our main point to be just famous and our songs to be popular but our main goal is to broaden the range of our music listeners. This is a big part of our musical journey.

Doing this with a partner, singing on stage with a partner, I mean it’s a whole different thing, bagong-bago siya akin. Si Eunice wala akong makita na ibang tao na gagawa nito with me, si Eunice lang. Honestly, I want her to break through.” ~Kean Cipriano

We’re not trying to be someone that we’re not. It’s more of discovering other side of me. Ngayon mas ipinapakita ko ang feminine side ko sa mga tao unlike before.” ~Eunice Jorge

10. Happy Together will be launched through a concert

Watch Kean and Eunice’s album come to life through a musical concert on 19 Sept 2014, 8PM at the Music Museum. The concert is directed by Enzo Valdez of Sindikato, Inc., co-directed by Darwin Hernandez of BBS and narrated by Ramon Bautista. The concert is brought to you by Redlines Entertainment Productions.

Kean & Eunice Happy Together (1)

The concert will feature the live performances of the exceptional songs included in the album and more. Tickets are available at SM Tickets (02.4702222), Ticketworld (02.8919999) and at the Music Museum (02.7216726). Video invitation courtesy of SoupstarTV.


New concert date announcement!Happy Together The Concert

Event postponed due to typhoon Mario’s heavy rain and flooding, Kean & Eunice: Happy Together The Concert will happen 16 Oct 2014 at the same venue Music Museum, 8pm. All tickets will be honored on the said dates. For more details, call 721-6726 (Music Museum).

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