Kenny Rogers and The Stylistics: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Writing is tough. It’s been hard to stay motivated when you can’t think of the right words to tell about things. I’ve been waiting for the right time for my brain to function well and get into this mindset again, when I need to get the job done even if I have no free time in my head. Words will come as I positively think.

I’ve been eager to sum up the story about legendary artists Kenny Rogers and The Stylistics since last week. I posted some things and pictures about them on our Facebook:

I feel like I can’t go on anymore after watching these icons onstage. I feel like I have not moved on. Kenny Rogers ending his music career and Stylistics performing anything that you could’ve wanted in a classic soul and RNB concert were sort of an off-the-roof experience.

I ask myself again, what I should share about these recent concert happenings, which left us sentimentality for the past few weeks. Both concerts were brought to us by Ovation Productions, one of the biggest concert promoters in the Philippines owned by the passionate and hardworking power couple Celinda and Rene De Guia. We’re all thankful for them for bringing us the music of all these world-renowned foreign artists to the country.

Kenny Roger’s Goodbye Concert

We have the fond memories of watching the iconic, Kenny Rogers. He bids farewell to his Filipino fans as we are all fascinated with his life stories, charisma and wit.

Kenny Rogers: Final World Tour Live in Manila

Charming as he is, that’s what I’ve seen through my lens. I’ve seen lines of wisdom, stories behind his eyes, put there by love, personal battles and lifelong music. And that I heard the most beautiful, calming and touching songs that I usually hear on air.

We are moved by Kenny Roger’s bravery to perform his world tour despite how he looks fragile onstage, but grateful at the same time for this chance to catch him live once more to perfect this final world tour.

Kenny Rogers, 78, revels great success in the music industry of nearly six decades and lives up to his well-earned reputation. He performs hits including “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town,” “Through the Years,” “You Decorated My Life,” “She Believes in Me,” “Love Lifted Me,” “Lucille,” “Coward of the County,” “The Gambler,” “Lady,” “Islands in the Stream,” and Don’t Fall In Love With a Dreamer,” among others. His country-pop crossover hits are most loved and well-worth listening to again and again.

Aiza Seguerra delighted the fans as she opened the stage for Kenny Rogers. Linda Davis also joined Kenny Rogers in some performances and made beautiful music together.

Kenny Rogers has always been a natural storyteller despite the knee replacement surgery that has rendered him nearly immobile, a fact he shared during his first song. It’s a revelation for us to know that he has comedic timing replacing his original vocal range as played in his songs.

It’s been an extraordinary career. He is up in his years and he feels now is the right time to retire. We all know how difficult for an artist to say goodbye to performing after many years and he denotes that this will be the last. “Thank you for being with me through the 60 years. I will miss you,” ends the music legend Kenny Rogers in his #KennyRogersFinalWorldTourMNL concert. We are definitely thankful of his music legacy.

In Photos: #KennyRogersFinalWorldTourMNL

On a personal note, it’s a good thing that I am able to pass these obstacles. Yes, I’m in the middle of the article already and I’m happy to overcome the “I-can’t-say-anything-at-all” phase.” It’s been more than a month since I’ve shared a story here on the blog. It turns out that I spend long hours in traffic and work every day that my brain has turned off my thoughts. But this time, it’s no more excuses for me.

Foreign acts dominated my recent posts, if you backtrack from here. We have covered Culture Club in June and Engelbert Humperdinck in July. We are lucky to treat you to more than two music legends this past August, Kenny Rogers and The Stylistics, including Cuba Gooding, Sr. of Main Ingredient. We are looking forward to KC and the Sunshine this September.

The Stylistics and Main Ingredient Live in Manila

The Stylistics and Main Ingredient Live in Manila has given us a very romantic timeless feel. What they’ve left me was their excellent singing, wishing that the heavens could’ve given me such talented voice like them.


Warming up the audience was soul singer and The Main Ingredient’s lead vocalist Cuba Gooding, Sr. He sets the concert mood, serenades us first before The Stylistics and Main Ingredient’s soulful classics.

The Stylistics donned red stripe suits, performed smooth choreography as they harmonize their nostalgic songs just like in the old days. It’s a sheer entertainment to see them backed-up by Asian musicians.

The Stylistics is a soul music vocal group—and one of the best known Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. They were formed in 1968 and were composed of singers Russell Thompkins, Jr., Herb Murrell, Airrion Love, James Smith, and James Dunn. All of their US hits were ballads, graced by the soaring falsetto voice of Russell Thompkins, Jr. and the lush productions of Thom Bell, which helped make the Stylistics one of the most successful soul groups of the first half of the 1970s.

It’s been very awesome to hear those songs we only hear in the radio: “You’ll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart),” “You Are Everything,” “Becha By Golly Wow,” “Break Up To Make Up,” “I’m Stone In Love With You,” “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart),” “People Make the World Go Round,” “You Make Me Feel Brand New,” and a lot more.

Their signature harmony and style has created The Stylistics into one of the bestselling soul groups ever. It is all authentic “sweet-as-honey” vocals of old school soul music and emotional power as we marvel at a less than 2 hours of The Stylistics’ brilliant performance.

We’re surprised with a high-spirited audience, mostly are much older people and yuppies like us. Others perhaps came from their respective Sunday family time, we all have no expectations but fun. The crowd loves every performances and we’re lucky enough to be part of the crowd and cover this top-notched concert presented by Ovation Productions.

In Photos: #StylisticsLiveinManila

Word Search, Music Discovery & Sharing Musical Moments

“Every writer needs to find inspiration in order to produce inspired writing. And sometimes, it can come from the unlikeliest sources,” says For this article, I am thankful to a good and quiet weekend, to Spotify which lets me listen to songs of artists again and again whenever I need to, and to music icons like Kenny Rogers and The Stylistics who are considerable source of inspiration to me because they left us unforgettable impressions and legendary awesomeness as their music continue to touch lives, be remembered and cherished forever.

Whether as a fan or someone who documents artists’ stage performances through live music photography, I’ll never be shy about showing my love for any accords and all among musical genres.

I used to think that there are days that I just wasn’t meant to create anything especially when there’s an absence of inspiration. But today, while staring blankly at my computer screen, I’ve tried to compose one and realized that even though how hard it is to write such entry; these are few of the best musical moments that we have experienced. This deserves to be shared by all means.

Thank you to @ovationprod and Ms. Grace Lomboy Foronda for this opportunity to cover and share all these experience.

Enjoys capturing, editing, and sharing content across social media platforms alongside music photography. The birth of this blog is a testament of my credence on the power of images in conveying stories.

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