Kyle Echarri Introduces New Album, His Moment to Shine

Stating being busy is just an easy excuse. Considering the Manila traffic, I find it hard to really make time to attend to other things out of the way and those things that are not really work related. We would like to think that we prioritize the things that matter the most. But with the combination of choice and willingness, as well as priority, I attended Kyle Echarri’s blog con recently. Yes!


I’m just happy to be able to make it on time with the help and the invitation of Sir Richard Paglicawan of Lionhearttv. I had to rush to the blog con venue at the MCA Music office in Ortigas Center after office hours. I miss working with his group, connecting, learning and engaging with them.

I’m expecting a big group of bloggers but nothing beats a homey intimate meet up with the 13-year-old teen singing star and The Voice Kids alumna Kyle Echarri as he releases his first solo debut album billed as “It’s Me, Kyle.”

Released under MCA Music, Kyle’s first carrier single is an original song entitled “Fall for Me.” A song that showcases his maturing voice, and he’s dedicating it to all the people who have supported him since day one of his career. “I dedicate to my fans this song as the lyrics tells us ‘You and me, we’re a perfect melody,’ because without them, my career would be nothing.” Lyric video below courtesy of KyleEcharriVEVO.

Fans can now listen to and download the album “It’s Me, Kyle” through digital downloads and streaming via Spinnr, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and VEVO. You can buy the CDs at Astroplus and Astrovision outlets.

Getting to Know Kyle

Be on the lookout for more from this talented youngster as he was blessed in possessing a new debut record. Kyle tells us how surprised and excited he was upon seeing the album’s song arrangements. “I had no expectations, this all came in blessings,” says Kyle.


In The Voice Kids, he joined Sarah Geronimo’s team and together they worked on building his confidence so he could loosen up onstage. He learned a lot from her as he eventually ends the nerve-wracking contest experience. Here’s one of the songs he performed during The Voice Kids, video by KyleEcharriVEVO.

I’ve chosen Coach Sarah because she’s the one that I kept on watching on TFC at home. I would always watch her perform on ASAP. She’s very down to earth and one of the nicest person I’ve met,” shares Kyle. “The best advice that I got from her was to be confident but keep your feet on the ground always. Humility is very important in showbiz. Before I was not very confident whenever I sing, she would always help me so I could handle myself better in front of the viewers.”

He then became a part of the cast of the top-rating ABS-CBN teleserye, “On the Wings of Love,” starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Kyle enjoyed being on the set and has high hopes to do more acting in the future.

Kyle’s ‘We Love OPM’ Experience

“We Love OPM: The Celebrity Sing-Offs” is Kyle’s next television gig which brought him back to music, with the guidance of the Philippines’ Big Band Crooner Richard Poon. He was able to perform not in solo but in a group collaboration collectively known as “The Voice Next Door.”

“Working with Bailey May and JK Labajo is fun and challenging at the same time,” tells Kyle as he recalls all the things he learned from the show that has also helped him to complete the album.

“Kuya Richard told me to always feel the song, that’s the initial goal of the group. We really wanted to show the meaning of the song like in the semi-finals where Bailey and I almost cried because of how deep of the song was. I tried my best to feel the song and make sure that everyone knows the message of the song.”


“As we worked with different song arrangements each week, it’s challenging as everyone wanted to show the versatility of our voices. We worked together as a team so we could show everyone that we can sing many different genres.”

“Blending with them has been very easy because we’re already friends and we used to hang out a lot. In The Voice Kids concert, we had a production and that’s where we first realized our vocal blending and then we always practice together and made sure that everyone knew their parts. Its kinda hard if someone didn’t know his parts, so if it happens, someone would have to help. We always helped each other.”

He also avers his willingness to take up any opportunity to sing with a legend or an OPM singer just like Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano for a dream duet. Below is the most viewed video among Team Voice Next Door’s performances in We Love OPM, video courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

It’s Me, Kyle

Kyle has been busy working on his album in the past several months. We are beyond thrilled to introduce Kyle Echarri’s 8-track album. It has 4 new original songs with 2 covers and additional 2 another versions of the 2 originals.


Top favorites are these upbeat songs, “Our Moment” and “Unli Good.” Listening to upbeat songs makes me feel happier.

We encourage everyone to buy and support this refreshing and surprisingly authentic new music of Kyle. Covers include these two songs he performed at The Voice stage, “Got to Believe in Magic” and “Hero.”

Kyle is focused and passionate about his musical gift. Kyle’s goal is to share his music with the world sporting his vocal versatility as he wants to be known for his own signature voice. This album is a playlist of feel good music, while encouraging others his age to follow their dreams and love freely while they’re young.


More than the feeling of going back to doing something I’ve always love doing — attend blog conferences, discovering new artists and music is definitely a done deal for me. Kyle is one of those teen artists that is very easy to converse with and very generous with his responses.

I find joy while repeatedly listening to the album. I am amazed how he stands on his own and his interpretation of these original songs. I just feel this unexplainable happy emotion coming through me. I guess, no one can really put into words how and why listening to music is euphoric.

While Kyle avers “The joy that I found is really in the fans kasi no matter what happens, they are always there for me, amidst the bashers, they continue to support me as they give me a reason to never give up and just be myself.”

The last thing that puts a smile on my face was when I read, “To my family, I will continue my journey holding on and believing I have all of you cheering for me,” which is written on Kyle’s thank you message printed on the album, and shows how relentless and persistent he is to be successful and achieve more in the coming days. This young man is ready to give it all he’s got. This is his moment to shine.

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