KyoChon Philippine Grand Launch: Top 12 Clicks of Lee Min-ho

KyoChon, the Korean restaurant that introduced Filipinos to chicken like they’ve never had before!

KyoChon lives by its three promises: they won’t make fast food, use natural ingredients and make healthy chicken with honesty. Now the brand is fulfilling its fourth promise, to let fans of KyoChon meet one of their biggest fan—Lee Min-ho!

KyoChon - Lee Min Ho (1)

For the fourth time, Korean actor Lee Min-ho is back in Manila to represent and open KyoChon. For the past several months, KyoChon held a promo giving fans a chance to meet the Korean superstar in person. Thousands of fans joined the contest posting their pictures on Facebook hoping for the chance to be part of Lee Min-ho’s fun meet at the grand opening of KyoChon’s newest branch at Greenhills Theatre Mall on February 24, 2015.

“Na-miss ko kayo (I missed you),” Lee Min-ho tells on stage in his quick visit to Manila as a brand ambassador of KyoChon Philippines. “I am very happy to represent a brand that is so well loved.”

Check out more about the event and these top clicks of Lee Min-ho taken at KyoChon Philippine Grand Launch.

  1. The awesome crowd

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (1)

Lee Min-ho fans and spectators, the Minoz, started to crowd themselves in front of KyoChon Greenhills Theatre Mall as early as 10 am, just to secure the best location to watch the Korean superstar live. They’re all well-equipped with Lee Min-ho merchandise such as banners, headbands, t-shirts and photos to show love for their idol.

2. How he greets fans

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (4)

During his arrival, waving to his fans was the first thing he did. Fans go gaga over Lee Min-ho the entire event. Present at KyoChon Philippine grand launch is San Juan Vice-Mayor Francis Zamora and his wife, Keri. Sam Oh hosted the launch who also served as Min Ho’s interpreter.

3. The interview

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (5)

You can see how attentive and receptive he was during the interview.

4. Meet and greet

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (7)

Lee Min-ho definitely captured the hearts of Filipinos once again. He met 30 lucky KyoChon and Min Ho fans who won the said #KyoChonPhSaveTheDate contest.

5. His facial expressions

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (6)

I’ve seen it all from my camera and I definitely love him smiling.

6. How he behaves

KyoChon - Lee Min Ho (3)

7. The get-up

KyoChon - Lee Min Ho (2)

He is simple and neat.

8. The other side

KyoChon - Lee Min Ho (4)

Seeing the other side of his good looking face.

9. Photo ops

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (10)

This maybe is the best part of the Lee Min-ho experience for fans, look at all those happy faces.

10. How he accommodates fans

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (11)

You can see how endearing he is to fans.

11. The respect

KyoChon-Lee Min Ho (12)

More than getting a photo, it also feels surreal to shake hands with him.

12. The stare

KyoChon - Lee Min Ho (5)

This is my version of the eye to eye contact with Lee Min-ho where I got to capture his attention on my camera. Another grateful experience to cherish with is taking photos of Lee Min-ho at KyoChon’s Philippine grand launch.

More about Lee Min-ho

Lee Minho’s break-through success came in 2009 with the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers as Gu Jun-pyo. The role won him several awards, including the Best New Actor award in the category of television at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards and made him a household name in his home country and the Philippines. He further cemented his status as a leading-man with the success of City Hunter and The Heirs, with both garnering him another nomination for Most Popular Actor at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. He visited the Philippines twice, first to promote the local clothing brand Bench and for an Asian Tour to promote his first album.

Minho nabbed his first movie lead role as an impoverished orphan-turned-mobster in the film “Gangnam 1970,” (Gangnam Blues) a noir action film depicting the tumultuous history of real estate development behind Seoul‘s now most famous district.

KyoChon Philippines

KyoChon, Korea’s leading chicken restaurant chain finally opened its doors in the country. Filipinos were more than excited to line up and finally taste Korea’s best fried chicken.

KyoChon started the entire Korean fried chicken craze in the region when it began serving its signature chicken dishes in 1991. It has since gone worldwide with almost 1000 branches in the US, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.

Unlike ordinary fried chicken, Korean-style fried chicken is fried twice making the skin crunchier and less greasy. KyoChon’s thin batter and double frying method also remove excess oil, with a clean and light taste.

The secret of crispy but moist chicken is KyoChon’s 20-year know-how, and KyoChon’s oil is exclusively for deep-frying. For the best taste, KyoChon sticks to the standard recipe manual and clean kitchens.

“Double-frying and piece-by-piece sauce-coating are time-consuming, but these are necessary processes for our hearty nutritious chicken,” says Chanky Tiangco, Marketing Manager of KyoChon Philippines.

“This distinguishes us from other chicken restaurants. Because we value quality ingredients and customers’ health, we only serve honest, healthy chicken and use all natural ingredients,” she added.

According to her, you won’t find any frozen chicken in their kitchen, and it will be cooked only after you order. In addition, KyoChon only uses domestically grown, natural ingredients and their chicken contains the lowest amount of sodium among the industry, by naturally aged meat without curing.

KyoChon has branches located at the Greenhills Theatre Mall, SM Megamall, SM City Fairview and soon at the Eastwood City.

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