Life is Stellar in ‘Constellations’

How can we discover and deliberately develop good chemistry between two actors? Christopher Aruffo once said as he defined what a chemistry is, “It’s an invisible force evident to create a dynamic flow to connect and affect each other.”

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Lead actors JC Santos (Roland) and Cris Villonco (Marianne), stars of ‘Constellations’ are a testament to this chemistry through the witty two-hander play by Nick Payne. In 2015, ‘Constellations’ won outstanding reviews in Broadway starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson.  It is an explosive play about the boundless potentials of a first encounter, free will and friendship.

Under Red Turnip Theater’s production, the time-travelling play of the third season is a reflection of their two years’ worth of experience and journey through infinite possibilities.

We fell in love with how all the elements come together to come up such brilliant and engaging premise directed by Rem Zamora. He tells, “Directing this play was not an easy process. Directing a play never is. I’ve been blessed with a crazy, talented cast and solid artistic team to help me carry my vision through. I am doubly blessed with co-Turnips who can I collaborate with artistically and love ones who watch out for my well-being and sanity when my own “what ifs” were driving me to uncertainty.”

According to the director, the author takes us on a journey across the multiverse, where the “what ifs” of a single couple is explored through their many possible lives. “The Multiverse feels like a far-out concept, but it can nevertheless provide a useful framework for considering our decisions. And thinking about all possible worlds may help us to make this one the best we can. After watching the play, you may ask your own questions. There is power in the type of “what if” questions that you pose. Regardless of how you proceed, pondering the questions and continuing to pose new ones should produce positive results: not just an introspection that goes nowhere, but an inspiring consideration of new possibilities to chart your own future.”

Payne’s drama has finally arrived in Manila (shown at the Power Mac Center Spotlight Theater, Circuit Makati), and delivers a superb execution of lighting, sound and mood, cosmic stage set up and an impressive boldness of emotions from the actors.

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The play governs relentless panoramas from the couple’s lifespan which was performed on subsequent variations as it turns it into a striking acting exercise. It has proven the actor’s formidable talent; to distinguish one from every option of every choice we had in our lifetime; all combined to form a multi-dimensional passionate love story.

The play promises to satisfy the seemingly universal appreciation for a wonderful love story, presenting us with Marianne and Roland. They meet (or maybe not) at a barbecue and their conversation gravitates towards the discussion of relativity. As they talk, the play begins explaining the theory by showing different permutations of their meet up: He goes up to her, she goes up to him. They talk, she says something funny. They talk, he says something weird. This is not even counting their past experiences that contribute to who they’ve become on the day they chanced upon each other. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Every time the scene reprises, the characters are actually transported to another dimension or may be an alternate universe to make way for the variation of the same scene.

On other note, I personally think that elbow-licking was quite silly but that didn’t stop me in admiring this 80-minute play. It is persuasive, sincere, obsessing and well-worth stargazing.

IN PHOTOS: Constellations Press Preview

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