Marion Aunor: Exemplifies the Soul of a Songwriter

Marion Aunor‘s brand of sprightly acoustic strums is a mixture of jazz, blues, soul and pop, breaking through from her 3rd place win at the 2013 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” included in the self-titled album, was one of the 12 finalists selected among the 2,500 songs from the auditions, proving that there’s more to her than a popular surname. She rises over her ability to diversify and simultaneously accommodate herself to an even brighter spotlight. Video below courtesy of starrecordsinc.

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After her debut release, she’s now part of the Star Magic family. She’s excited towards the music journey regardless of how people respond to her latest offering of 12 songs, 6 of which were written by herself. “Looking forward to spreading it to even more people, I even acknowledge negative comments. I just wanna know how people respond to my music,” shares Marion.

Marion Aunor

“Cause all I wanna do do do is share my music
Get the people groovin’ to it
Get them singing along to my every song
Oh I can do do do this all day long

Hope they can relate to it
Get them LSS-ing to it
And I know I’m gonna get there if I use my way
Yeah all I wanna do do do.”

It’s the first track of the album. Just like what the lyrics suggest, “Do, Do, Do” is a chilled-out vibe song which mainly tackles her love for songwriting, about her starting out in the music industry, expectations and pressures that go along with it. Her influences includes Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles in this song and a surprising amorous reggae part.

With a catchy acoustic pop tune and simplicity of music, it’s beautiful that you would want to put it on repeat. And it’s perfect in any weather, emotion and situation. It’s like writing songs from experiences or from others is an easy job for her. “My love in writing on diaries while exposed to music makes me write songs,” she adds.

Her latest carrier single “Fallen” is a breezy feel-good pop, charming the listeners with a delightful love song. Video above courtesy of starrecordsinc. “I Don’t Know (If I Should Stay or Should I Go) is a beautiful bluesy track about not knowing whether a guy loves you back or not, whether to pursue it or not. “Fallen,” “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” and “Take A Chance” are like a whole story because it’s all about falling in love,” contributes Marion as she introduced her songs track by track after a detailed description.

She co-wrote “Sex On Legs” with Patricia Sanico, while her manager and album producer Vehnee Saturno was her co-writer of “Take A Chance.” Vehnee’s “Magmamahal Sa’yo” is likewise included in the album.Marion Aunor (3)

Completing the track list are Marion’s creative revivals of the worldwide hit song “Just Give Me A Reason” originally performed by Pink and Nate Reuss, timeless international hits “Don’t Give Up On Us” and “The First Time I Loved Forever” and OPM classic ballad “Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye.”

Marion’s contemporary tunes have great summer rhythms, jazzy touches and high-spirited grooves. “Unlike most local artists, I like to write my songs and put my own spin on revivals. I’m very grateful that I was given the freedom to include my original compositions in my album and I was given a say in terms of the cover songs’ arrangement,” expresses Marion whose musical influences include Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones, Christina Perri and Regina Spektor. Yet she has her own singing style, not mimicking at all, as she can sing diverse types of music and tries to experiment with different sounds. It’s certainly what she does best.

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Overall, this album deserves to be listened to for this recommendation will be nothing but a glorification. It may not be a concept album but this is one of the best debuts we’ve heard. Looking forward to Marion’s live performances on the big stage soon.

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Marion Aunor’s self-titled debut album is now available at all records bars nationwide for only P250. Digital tracks can also be downloaded on iTunes and

Here’s one of the gorgeous arrangements from the album, Marion’s version of “Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye.” Video below courtesy of starrecordsinc.

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