Michael Bublè Serenades Manila, Delivers an Engaging “To Be Loved” Concert Tour

I just can’t stop smiling not knowing that this concert has exceeded my expectations because of the engaging musical experience as I genuinely adore Michael Bublè more deeply. It’s my first time, hoping not the last, to experience the Canadian crooner, Grammy award winner and virtuosic artist Michael Bublè Live in Manila at the MOA Arena. The January 31, 2015 concert was a full-house, he performed like how I knew of him from concert videos that I’ve seen online. Naturally 7, an all men a cappella group, energized all expectators before Michael Bublè.Michael Buble Live in Manila (1) Michael Bublè’s “Fever” opens the stage in a fiery visuals, heightens his rise to contemporary pop jazz and standards, and slidin’ away a slick, ritzy LED flap stage sporting his cheeky tailored tuxedo. This is the Philippines’ first look at Michael Bublè’s “To Be Loved Tour” performed in more than 30 different countries. Front stage column exudes the flaming pyro jets for the show opening.

“I have never made a concert, I think they’re boring. I really do. If you want to listen to music, go home, play your CD. I come to have a party with thousands of people, that’s what I do. And even though, I feel like many of us have known each other for a long time, a lot of us have never actually met. This is our first night together and I’d like to think about it like it’s a first date. I wanna do with you what you do on a first date with somebody,” opens Michael Bublè at his screaming and super excited Filipino audience who were treated into an all-out visually delightful and eargasmic production from Team Bublè’s musical ensemble. “We start slow, we get to know each other and reach climax. Maybe touch hands ever so gently, find out what each other’s like so. And then, if the night goes well and we like each other by the end we had dirty sex in the car,” hespeaks in a teasing way as it reflects about his album “To Be Loved.” It’s a spectacular night full of music, humor and the best for a fan like me would ever see that marked Michael Bublè’s come back in the Philippines since 2003 & 2005. Michael Buble Live in Manila (3) It’s your night. Be in the moment with me. This is a big beautiful country. Lose yourself, don’t worry about impressing the person next to you. This is a big place, you’ll never see that idot again, I promise you! You have fun tonight, let it go. And by the way, If you wanna sing with me, sing. If you wanna dance, dance,” he advised vigorously. “Haven’t Met You Yet,” Try a Little Tenderness,” Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young,” “Come Dance With Me,” “I’ve Got the World on a String,” Van Morison’s “Moon Dance,” Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and “Everything” were strut and performed with a variety of eye-popping LED screens and CGI craziness. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” Back Street Boys’ “Everybody” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” were each given a smooth playful rendition too.

“I think the reason that we’re here is romance. This is a chance for me to sing some songs that are very romantic for the couples here tonight. Just be together, be in the moment, snug up, hold each other and remember why you fell in love in the first place,” tells Michael Bublè. Backed by a full orchestral band, ballad pieces were introduced namely “That’s All,” “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” and “Hold On.” “This is also a really nice chance to single people to get into a threesome with some of the couples  who came out to see the show,” he provokes laughter.

The audience sing-along from almost all of Michael Bublè’s songs. He interacts with his audience: he provided quick-witted and light-hearted humor after picking a die-hard fan holding an “I ditched midterms to watch Michael Bublè” banner; he blurted out occasional Filipino phrases during the concert; performs closer to the audience when he transferred to a platform fronting the lower box section; and he grabbed fan’s mobile phones to take videos and selfies.

Bublè Dedicates “Hold On” to Fallen 44

Michael Bublè learned about the Fallen 44 through Kris Aquino after his guesting in “Aquino & Abunda Tonight.” He dedicates a self-penned track entitled “Hold On,” as the country mourned for the 44 Special Action Force commandos killed during the clash in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. He was applauded for the uplifting gesture expressed through his music in one with the Filipinos.

Bublè is “Home”

He gave a tribute to his discoverer and narrated how he got an important call from South African agent Dion Singer, who’s curious about Michael Bublè’s popularity in the Philippines. He is proud of his “tastemakers,” “You guys were the ones who made me,” says Michael Bublè to all the Filipinos in the audience who believed in his music. Michael Buble Live in Manila (4) “I think about you every single night. I think about you every morning when I wake up. I thank God for you, I really do. You changed my life. This is real, this is not some bias that I spoke onstage. I practiced being in the moment and I practiced being thankful for you because without you, my life would’ve been completely different,” gratefully narrated by the Canadian superstar. Official music video below courtesy of Michael Bublé.

“This is the song called “Home” and I dedicated it to you. It is yours, it is yours. And for me honestly, it does feel like I’m back in a place where I was love lots and I’m home.” His performance with “Home” was one of the most memorable for me that I’ve felt teary eyed with goose bumps. I realized that I am actually listening now to this song live from the one and only Michael Bublè. Surreal!

More Songs from the Michael Bublè Live in Manila

Heart-shaped confetti in red and white showered the venue with the song “All You Need is Love.” Classic hits like “Who’s Loving You,” “Jackson 5,” “To Love Somebody, “Burning Love”  were performed with a segue to a splendid video illustrated “It’s a Beautiful Day,” was also played. Encores include “Cry Me A River” and “Save the Last Dance.” His voice glided through even in an –off mic a cappella with his very last song, a Leon Russel’s classic 1970’s hit, “A Song for You.” Wow! That’s Michael Bublè’s voice in the raw! Nothing but a perfect way to end a full 2.5-hour concert. Video below by Bublé Philippines.


“To Be Loved Tour” is To Be Remembered

For me, each concert is different and this one is life changing and surreal as I watched one of my favorite musical heroes live. For how many times I’ve heard Michael Bublè saying “live in the moment,” I just enjoyed this real great music as I am able to be part of the media people and to document this concert through my lens.

Michael Buble Live in Manila (2) I felt very lucky to experience his presence onstage. Taking photos of Michael Bublè far away from the platform he’s standing and strictly in one area is a great challenge. I sang-along, I danced and I am entertained. I love how he perfected his MB formula: a combination of great music, total performance, excellent audio and fabulous humor. And yes, I will continue to have a long-term relationship with the music of Michael Bublè, it will be until forever.

View photos from Michael Buble’s To Be Loved Tour concert below or at Facebook.

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