Darren Espanto: ‘Be With Me’ on My Journey to Music

We miss covering blog conferences and meet blogger friends, this time we enjoyed tremendous fun conversations and moments with Fil-Canadian singer, Darren Espanto.

Darren Espanto - Be With Me (4)

Time flies so fast that this young man has been achieving countless accomplishments in his career at such a young age since breaking out in “The Voice of the Philippines” Kids edition. He’s growing up so fast that even though it kind of makes me feel old, it gives me this feeling of inspiration whenever I hear his music and transitions.

I think it’s a normal feeling to be proud though that he doesn’t stop chasing his dreams with a high mainstream relevance morphing into a teen pop star sensation.

At the blog con, he shared some honest conversations — he has written songs for his sophomore album “Be With Me,” promoting a sure hit concert “D Total Experience,” answering controversial issues and enumerating the journey as an artist with his unstoppable Darrenatics fans remaining by his side.

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I Love Acoustic 8: Acoustic Symphonies and Passion by Sabrina

It has been a great and fun evening speaking with Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart, Sabrina at the MCA Music headquarters. Getting to know more about an artist through a blog con is one of the things I’ve been missing because of my day job. To discover the artist’s music, to widen my perspective to every artist’s vocal tone and to embrace the inner workings of an  artist’s mind are some of the things I seek to share in this music blog. I’m proud to let you know that Sabrina has her humorous side that is just off your trolley, you-just-gotta- love-her-more-and-more!

Sabrina - I Love Acoustic 8

Here is a sneak peek of the blog con happenings, video by Ver Jube.

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