Marion Aunor: Exemplifies the Soul of a Songwriter

Marion Aunor‘s brand of sprightly acoustic strums is a mixture of jazz, blues, soul and pop, breaking through from her 3rd place win at the 2013 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” included in the self-titled album, was one of the 12 finalists selected among the 2,500 songs from the auditions, proving that there’s more to her than a popular surname. She rises over her ability to diversify and simultaneously accommodate herself to an even brighter spotlight. Video below courtesy of starrecordsinc.

Stand Out CompositionsMarion Aunor (4)

After her debut release, she’s now part of the Star Magic family. She’s excited towards the music journey regardless of how people respond to her latest offering of 12 songs, 6 of which were written by herself. “Looking forward to spreading it to even more people, I even acknowledge negative comments. I just wanna know how people respond to my music,” shares Marion.

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‘Liham at Lihim’: Gloc-9 Tackles Real Life Stories

After the phenomenal hit album “MKNM” with the single “Sirena,” Gloc-9 now introduces “Magda” in his newest record Liham at Lihim. Will the rap and hiphop icon outdone himself in this latest release? That’s what we need to find out!

Liham at Lihim


Gloc-9 plays with other possible ways of telling timely stories, but never really talked about. He tackles real life stories: a prostitute interpreted from the point of view of the person who loved her, a person who has an estimated life expectancy and dying, the lives of Pinoy populace in general, about reaching goals, respecting others and recognizing your roots, struggle against power, a call for clean election, campaign against bullies, hooliganism, the rap artist’s experiences and mother’s unconditional love, among others.

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