Music gives the best tribute in love, second chances, and life

This month’s Music Roll is all about paying tribute, paying tribute to second chances in the midst of new challenges of Popoy and Basha’s married life, paying tribute to nostalgia, memories of our old self and of welcoming new chapters in life from Adele’s groundbreaking new album “25,” paying tribute to people in music who continue to put melodies in the lives of people in Star Awards for Music and the AMAs, paying tribute to collaborations and jazz traditions from Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, paying tribute to love and blessings we have received and giving back to people from ABS-CBN and GMA Christmas station IDs, and paying tribute to people who have joined the Creator and that they will guide us from among the stars.


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VJP Music Roll features a strange yet awesome blend of local and foreign acts

This month’s Music Roll is a wrap-up of things that are record-breaking, fulfilling, discovering and beginning. From JayR’s “Elevated” new album, new found goals and discoveries about himself, there’s also Triple Fret and the duo of Thyro and Yumi taking home top prizes, the Divine Diva’s new album, the MTV Video Music Awards nominations, and the legacy of late soul singer Amy Winehouse in a documentary.


And when it comes to all things fulfilling, the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) has successfully launched the very first celebration of Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino recently – a step towards greater appreciation to OPM.

JayR is ‘Elevated’ in new album, new found talent and aspirations

RnB King JayR graces the cover of FilJap Magazine’s June edition as he dishes his “Your Face Sounds Familiar” experience, his new all-original album with top collaborations, establishing Homeworkz Entertainment – an independent record label, and things to watch out for from JayR in an exclusive interview.Jay-R---FIlJap

FilJap Magazine featuring JayR on the cover can be viewed HERE.

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Michael Bublè Serenades Manila, Delivers an Engaging “To Be Loved” Concert Tour

I just can’t stop smiling not knowing that this concert has exceeded my expectations because of the engaging musical experience as I genuinely adore Michael Bublè more deeply. It’s my first time, hoping not the last, to experience the Canadian crooner, Grammy award winner and virtuosic artist Michael Bublè Live in Manila at the MOA Arena. The January 31, 2015 concert was a full-house, he performed like how I knew of him from concert videos that I’ve seen online. Naturally 7, an all men a cappella group, energized all expectators before Michael Bublè.Michael Buble Live in Manila (1) Michael Bublè’s “Fever” opens the stage in a fiery visuals, heightens his rise to contemporary pop jazz and standards, and slidin’ away a slick, ritzy LED flap stage sporting his cheeky tailored tuxedo. This is the Philippines’ first look at Michael Bublè’s “To Be Loved Tour” performed in more than 30 different countries. Front stage column exudes the flaming pyro jets for the show opening.

“I have never made a concert, I think they’re boring. I really do. If you want to listen to music, go home, play your CD. I come to have a party with thousands of people, that’s what I do. And even though, I feel like many of us have known each other for a long time, a lot of us have never actually met. This is our first night together and I’d like to think about it like it’s a first date. I wanna do with you what you do on a first date with somebody,” opens Michael Bublè at his screaming and super excited Filipino audience who were treated into an all-out visually delightful and eargasmic production from Team Bublè’s musical ensemble. Continue reading

Pop Goes Standards: Paolo Onesa Croons His Journey to Music

As most contestants on “The Voice Ph,” Paolo Onesa had his own back story. Fresh from his top 8 finish from last year’s ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ (ABS-CBN’s singing reality search), what struck me most was his sincerity on how he connects to people he is talking with or to his own audience.Paolo Onesa (3)

“Standards have always been part of me because I grew up listening to this type of music from my father’s CD collection,” unfolds Paolo through a Bloggers’ Night on Thursday (10 Apr 2014).

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