Shane Filan sings famous cover songs in ‘Love Always’

Shane Filan, one of the UK’s and Ireland’s most popular male artists, returns to the Philippines for a series of shows, and he surely does not disappoint. He is now promoting his brand new album, “Love Always.”


We previously saw Shane during his “Everything to Me” Philippine Tour last 2013. He performed at the SkyDome accompanied by an exclusive meet and greet with fans. Check out photos HERE.

Shane Filan has cemented his position as the lead singer and frontman of one of pop music’s biggest ever boy bands, Westlife. Following two successful solo albums and tours, Shane Filan is back with his third album, ”Love Always” featuring some all-time classic love ballads alongside new original songs.

The 12 track album, exclusively distributed by MCA Music, features some of Shane’s favorite ballads along with some fan suggestions — from all-time classics like “Make Me Feel My Love” and “Eternal Flame” to new hits including “Beautiful in White” which has already amassed over 70 million views on YouTube.

Love Always has showcased Shane’s solid vocals as he proudly introduces this new compilation. “Picking the tracks was the most difficult part of the process and I wanted to put my own take on them and I’m really proud of the versions I have done. There are also three brand new original tracks that I’ve written following requests by fans for some new music and I am really proud of how they sit alongside the other songs,” tells Shane.


“Even if it’s an original song or a new song or if it’s a cover version, I’m very picky with my vocals. When it comes to hearing the final mix of the song, I always want to tweak it or change it or do something or change the music,” reveals his being perfectionist in his music.

He also narrated things about the difference between being in a boyband and being solo. “Looking back at it now, the effect we had on people, you don’t realize how big it was, you don’t know that when you’re in a band,” narrated Shane in an interview by BandwagonTV. In full force, he has embarked on a successful solo career after Westlife.

 “I really feel comfortable five years on. The first year was a bit weird and it was a bit scary and it was very new to me. I didn’t realize what it is going to be like or understand it. What I knew is singing, the one thing I love is singing and to be able to get to do that is amazing.”

With his new material, we’ve seen how he profoundly works hard for his music and for people to be able to listen to his voice. “Going forward every year is just getting better and better, the support I’m getting from the fans is growing every year. It’s going great,” Shane tells relentlessly as he hopes soon for the accolade to be recognized without any reference to Westlife.

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Asian Superstar Anggun Promotes Newest Album ‘8,’ Dazzles Filipino Fans in Manila

About three songs into her performance, including the most successful “Snow on the Sahara,” Indonesian superstar Anggun turned to the adoring crowd who trooped to Eastwood Mall Open Park on Sunday night to thank them for coming.


“Thank you for coming. I really hope you enjoy the album and say it to your friends and family. If they like it, I might come here for real concert!”

Oozing with an enthralling stage presence, Anggun visited Manila for a series of shows held at the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls to promote her latest album “8.” All thanks to MCA Music and Ms. MJ Juco for inviting us at the press conference to meet the music icon up close and personal. Check out all the happenings compiled in this video!

Being one of the few Asian entertainers who has earned international acclaim and without any doubt the world’s most famous Indonesian-born recording artist, Anggun talked about her music journey at the well-attended press con.

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