Breaking the Norms, Creating New Frontiers Abuzz the OPM Music Scene

In music, just as in life, there are new beginnings, breaking into new opportunities and challenges, or venturing into new aspects that come in varying forms.


This month’s Music Roll, we see and hear the music scene loud with energy, passion, and abuzz with acoustic sweetheart Sabrina brushing shoulders with big names in KPop and Asia, Alden Richards’ landmark in music, Bamboo’s firepower music in new album, Gloc-9′s sparkling anniversary concert series, Sarah Geronimo bringing the top to Smart Araneta, and Kamikazee’s big send-off concert.

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TOP 12 OPM Teen Music Must-Haves

This is long overdue. I’ve been browsing Spotify recently and I was looking for something new to put on my playlist.

In this digital age, Spotify is one of the many digital music platforms that gives access to millions of songs. The young and the young at hearts are the primary target audience for this post as they will discover the best music feels for a genuine youthful passion and teen spirit.TOP-12-OPM-Teen-Music-Must-Haves-collage-verjube -web

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