MYMP Shares New Acoustic Version of Songs: A 10th Year Offering

“Time flies so fast. I am thankful for all the ups and downs because it has shown me who and what matters most. Things change and people change… but one thing has remained the same, my passion for music,” revealed MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud ) founder Chin Alcantara as he is happy and thankful about Jana Laraza being the new voice of the group. Members include Ibey Haber (bass), Hannche Bobis (keyboards) and Joel Tolentino (drums).

MYMP Electrified (10)

Chin Alcantara (guitars and vocals) and Jana Laraza (lead vocals)

MYMP: The Transition

Chin tells the rundown of events that happened in the group, for us to get to know more about their history. “10 years in the recording industry na ang MYMP pero nagsimula talaga kami noong 1996 sa live scene. Nagsimula kami bilang rock band, college pa lang kami. At dahil mahirap maghanap ng puwesto at tutugtugan, we had to transition into a pop band para mas madali magkaroon ng booking. Naghanap kami ng mga lugar, tapos pop band, kailangan may babae, yung may eye candy. Ang first singer namin was actually Nina. Noong hindi pa siya recording artist.”


“Nagback up kami kay Brix, former singer ng Southborder for a year aside from doing our own shows. Marami na rin kaming mga gigs. Tapos, nakarating kami sa top 40s show band hanggang naging saturated na rin iyong pop bands at iyong mga tao unti-unti na rin nagugustuhan ang acoustic sound.”

“After one year, nag-solo si Nina o lumipat ng banda, tapos nagkaroon kami ng transition period bago pumasok si Juris. Si Juris hindi naman bumabagay sa boses niya iyong top 40s (pop), so eventually noong nag-acoustic kami doon bumagay iyong boses niya. We got signed for recording deal, doon nagsimula na magkaroon kami ng unang album.”

“Soulful Acoustic” was their first release. The albums “Versions” and “Beyond Acoustic” both released in 2005 were very successful that it prompted the re-release of the same albums in a two-disc set in the same year.

MYMP: Jana Laraza in vocals

Jana Laraza, 21, was chosen from a You Tube video where she’s singing an MYMP song. She auditioned and became an official member in August 2013. “Nagbabanda na rin po ako, gigs din po sa bars, events and naging lounge singer din po ako,” tells Jana who shares the genre she sings are like RnB and neo-soul. She also recounts how she became an MYMP fan. “Actually, noong high school lagi ko pong kinakanta ang MYMP, Especially For You ang isa sa mga favorite song ko na lagi kong kinakanta sa videoke.”

MYMP Electrified (4)


We had a sample of the songs live at the blog con last 27 Feb 2014 where we heard Jana’s vocal timbre. Polyeast Records sets an acoustic performance being offered in a blog con. Pretty entertaining! Jana’s a fresh face with a unique personality and a voice tone ideal for the group’s vocalist. More photos HERE.

MYMP Electrified

Comparison between Jana and other MYMP vocalists will always be a subject of discussion, but Jana assures that she will be doing her best to prove her worth as the vocalist of the band and as an artist.

MYMP Electrified (8)

They are also looking forward to perform and distribute songs in South Korea and Indonesia. “Na-overwhelm kami kaya itutuloy naming iyong kind of music na hindi lang pala pang-Pilipino kundi pang ibang lengguwahe rin,” adds Chin as they target to go back to the countries mentioned to promote their music.

 MYMP: Lessons in 10 years

MYMP has been through tough times and there are suffered relationships in their 10 years in the music business. It has taught them life lessons and to continue sharing their music to people and their audience. The greatest legacy might be rationing easy-listening songs that have been part of people’s lives whether in a good or sad way.”

MYMP Electrified (5)

The album is a testament to the magic of their music as a band lasted for 10 years despite their individual influences Defying odds in the industry to creating something unique up to this moment— the band remains grounded.

”People recognize us as being just an acoustic duo. In reality we always perform with our back-up band and we’re not limited to just acoustic renditions. In our new album, it feels like starting out again. People are used to hearing us with a familiar tune but the response with this new original song is surprisingly good. Well the plan has never changed. Create and re-create music and share it to the world,” says Chin.

MYMP “Electrified”

“Our music and concept in our previous albums were always centered on the acoustic sound and in this album we would like to introduce to our listeners our new sound. Instead of being limited to acoustic guitar, we added more electric instruments. We wanted to explore,” narrates Chin.

MYMP Electrified (1)

The self-produced album features two brand new tracks as well as eight acoustic renditions reminiscent to your favorite pop singles in “Electrified” released under Galaxy Records and distributed by PolyEast Records. Music video below courtesy of polyeastrecords.

The song is like reminiscing your high school crush and getting the same feeling as “electrified”. That feeling would last for days and would only add to your hopes that someday she/he would like you too. I thought everyone could relate to that.” Other songs include “Too Many Broken Hearts,” “Just A Smile Away,” “You’re In Love,” “Gravity,” “Givin’ Up On You,” “Tell Me,” “How Much I Love You,” “Unwritten,” and “Bakit Ba Ganyan.

MYMP Electrified (6)

The album is now available in all record stores or can be downloaded in iTunes.

They are also promoting their 10th Anniversary album tour at the Kita Kits Klubb, Marco Polo Hotel, Deira on March 28 and 29 2014. Tickets are AED 85 each and will be on sale online and in leading Filipino restaurants. For sponsorship inquiries please email

Take a look at “Too Many Broken Hearts” performed live at 19 East, video courtesy of 2010MYMP.

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