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If you plan to see “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” because you’re a fan of original Filipino musicals, then you won’t be disappointed. It features more than 20 unforgettable tunes of Vincent de Jesus and that you may find yourself wanting more, in a story of Carlo Vergara brought to life by director Chris Martinez.

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It’s not only music, but more drama and ample humor. “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” revolves around the story of two sisters named Mely (Bituin Escalante) and Viva (Kim Molina), who both yearn to fulfill their dreams. Their sibling relationship and rivalry become more complicated due to an unsettled past and a budding romance, all in the context of an ongoing war between the superhero and super villain.

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The show opened on May 7 at the PETA Theater Center; it was great while it lasted. “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” has all the crowd-pleasing chemistry celebrated into an extraordinary music like a good jukebox musical; the hits just keep on coming.

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“Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” is a much-loved family film for the stage matched with a powerhouse cast, intelligent portrayals and powerful vocals.

Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo gave a huge bouyant performance as Madre de Dios. The battle between Fwerza Filipinas vs Kayumanggilas is to die for; you can’t help but love them. Costumes  are also hugely impressive. The lighting has provided the exact rib-tickling feels and visuals, leaving everyone in the audience on high.

View photos from “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” press preview here:

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Sharing you some of the discussions from the press preview pocket press conference:

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Q: Why are the bad guys Filipinos?

Carlo Vergara: The bad guys are Filipinos but ultimately the champions are the common people. What was happening was the foreigners were the superheroes, the Filipinos wants to take over as the supreme heroes but then the real heroes are the common people. The message is that anybody can be a superhero and as long as you’re not stepping on anyone, you’re doing what you can for yourself and the people that you love.

Bituin Escalante: In all honesty, it’s an honest depiction of the society. We always put the Tisoys in front. Then the problem is that it has to start with you. It’s not about coveting what the other person has; it’s about doing what’s right and doing your job well. It’s not about wanting someone else’s gift. We have our gifts. Gilas had their gifts except they hungered for something else like power. It’s like a challenge. You’re the beginning of the change. It’s not gonna take something else beyond. You make the difference and be the difference.

Q. What is the music inspiration?

Vincent de Jesus: It starts with a song and then it just pours out. Themes and melodies are interwoven. From the cast kasi, they can sing almost anything so it’s much easier for me to write melody dahil hindi ako restricted sa kung anong kaya nilang gawin. It’s a collaboration.

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Q: To Markki Stroem and Bituin Escalante, what is your reaction after knowing that you’ll be a love team?

Markki Stroem: The first time we actually entered, I said, we have to get this kiss right. So the first thing I did was (*to kiss Bituin*) so it becomes really natural. She’s been helping me with things for this stage. She’s been like a partner to me and I guess it work and I thanked her for that.

Q: How do you find the chemistry?

Bituin Escalante: Hindi naman mahirap mahalin si Markki Stroem, madali, madali (she laughs). Tinutulungan kami ng script at tinutulungan din kami ng lahat ng kasamahan namin dito. It’s made easy.

Q: To Kim Molina, what is something new about your character in this musical?

Kim Molina: It’s very different with my character as Aileen in Rak of Aegis. Sa show na ito, naipakita ko na iyong dark side ko, naging super challenging ito from what I’ve been doing last year. I am very thankful na nakasama po ako rito.

Q: What is the director’s greatest challenge in directing this musical?

Chris Martinez: Ang biggest challenge talaga ay dapat walang maiwan in terms of performance. Everyone should be at the same level. I am demanding in terms of that kaya dapat pantay-pantay, walang maiiwan. I think everyone did their best. Congratulations to all.

The cast is composed of talented artists with different theater backgrounds: Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Bituin Escalante and Frenchie Dy, Kim Molina and Natasha Cabrera, Markki Stroem and Hans Eckstein, May Bayot, Astarte Abraham, Giannina Ocampo, Jeff Flores, Chesko Rodriguez, Caisa Borromeo, Nar Cabico and Domi Espejo, Red Nuestro, Vince Lim and Mikoy Morales, Elliot Eustacio, Red Concepcion, Kakki Teodoro, Raf Bravo, Gab Pangilinan, JC Santos, Brian Sy, Rhenwyn Gabalonzo and Josh Cabiladas.

You can still enjoy ‪#‎LeadingLadyTheMusical until June 7. Tickets at P600 (balcony), P900 (Orchestra) and P1200 (VIP)! Please call 0917-706-3533 for inquiries. ‪#‎KPANLL

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