The 2016 Concert Recap

2016 has been a tough year but fantastic at the same time, in terms of music experience. We are extremely grateful for it. And every year, it is an achievement as we look back on a full and rich musical moments captured through photos with all-time artistic legends.


To discover new music, listen to artists’ powerful vocals and just be at the moment with the beat is truly life-changing. It has transformed us to be a super fan, as we become inspired and celebrate music through any circumstances and battles that we may have in life.

Taking pictures of them has been a knock-down challenge to our creativity, freedom of expression and artistry. It has been an eventful and interesting 2016 with every act brought to us by Wilbros Live, Ovation Productions, Midas Promotions, Royale Chimes Concerts & Events and Concert Republic, through one of the country’s best PR specialist, Grace Foronda (GLF Events Management Services). Without them, it won’t be easy and all these won’t be possible. We really appreciate their extreme generosity to include us to their roster of media team.

Take a peek into our 2016 coverage, a pretty perfect summary of the #concertfeels that we have had, featuring renowned international artists with their exceptional musical genres. In fact, we actually haven’t gotten over these just yet.

Most of them are artists we grew up with, proving Filipinos’ eclectic musical tastes and passion for any kind of music. Their songs saved our lives musically and lyrically. We will remember them for the rest of our lives.

  • NATE RUESS / Wilbros Live

Nate Ruess’ one night stopover was a great way to start the year, proving his ability to rock in front of his Filipino fans and invade their souls with music.

Nate Ruess live in Manila has been a powerhouse and definitely an empowering one to those yuppies like me in order to finish a week of a hard day’s work. He won not only the rock crowd over at Kia Theater but also our hearts and souls as we appreciate Nate’s vocal theatrics, musicality and style. Indeed, it’s a great and a grand romantic night with Nate Ruess! Fan video by Crystal Mariano.

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  • CHICAGO / Wilbros Live

They keep themselves together despite occasional changes in members, they continue to surprise, amaze and inspire people no matter where they go. Their opening jam certainly caught everyone’s attention. Fans in attendance at the Araneta Coliseum was undoubtedly high-spirited.

I must say that I appreciate their display of fab creativity in terms of musicality, and the live performances of their popular hits deserve a standing ovation. Chicago had us rocking out for rest of the night. To sing lines of their greatest hits on your seats was great fun, it’s not singing with the radio anymore.

Chicago Live in Manila is the second concert they did since 2010. The opportunity to catch one of the longest running and most successful pop/rock ‘n’ roll bands live and in action is worth the effort to see. Fan video by Kim Lee.

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American singer and composer David Pomeranz showed off his enormous love songs namely “Got to Believe in Magic,” “Undying Admiration,” “Tryin’ to Get the Feeling Again,” “Crazy Beautiful,” and a snippet of his “Chaplin: A Life In Concert.” The audience can’t help but sing to his classics “If You Walked Away,” “On This Day,” “The Old Songs” and “King and Queen of Hearts.”

American singer-songwriter and actress Melissa Manchester meanwhile pays tribute to Marvin Hamlisch through her signature song, “Through the Eyes of Love.” It was a trip down memory lane for all of us as we listened to “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” “Midnight Blue, “I’ll Never Say Goodbye,” “Big Light,” “You Gotta Love the Life” and Grammy Award-winning song “You Should Hear How She Talks About You.” She also sang “You Gotta Love the Life” from her latest album released in 2015.

What a wonderful treat indeed because there’s nothing more timeless than to experience Melissa Manchester and David Pomeranz’s music live! Fan video by Mon Jahrenel.

Richard’s awareness on music started at an early age, specially notable was his father’s influence, Dick Marx who was a jazz musician and jingle company founder. When he was ateenager, he met Lionel Richie who encouraged him to go to Los Angeles. That’s when he started doing backup vocals and as a songwriter for Richie, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand.

He also collaborated with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Eagles, Chicago and David Foster until he was discovered by Bruce Lundvall of EMI/Manhattan Records and eventually released his self-titled debut album. Now, Richard is still the only artist in music history whose first seven singles made it to the top 5 of Billboard charts. Fan video by dang baldonado.

There’s no stopping the good variety of memorable Culture Club songs even with the venue’s power failure that temporarily interrupted the concert. Iconic Boy George showed a remarkable wit, warmth and musicality amongst the Filipino fans. Donning his signature hat, he had two outfits throughout the night and a vibrant ’80s make-up for a more old-fashioned look. Fan video by Fred Hawson.

Concert goers got a taste for the upbeat and groovy hits of Jason Derulo and Redfoo. We all swayed, pumped up and shuffled to the inviting remix sound, smoke effects, pulsating light show, inflatable toys, confetti and champagne showers.  The noise never stops with such an awesome lively crowd. Fan video by limnelson1.

We have the fond memories of watching the iconic, Kenny Rogers. He bids farewell to his Filipino fans as we are all fascinated with his life stories, charisma and wit.

Charming as he is, that’s what I’ve seen through my lens. I’ve seen lines of wisdom, stories behind his eyes, put there by love, personal battles and lifelong music. And that I heard the most beautiful, calming and touching songs that I usually hear on air.

We are moved by Kenny Roger’s bravery to perform his world tour despite how he looks fragile onstage, but grateful at the same time for this chance to catch him live once more to perfect this final world tour. Fan video by likescountry114.

The Stylistics donned red stripe suits, performed smooth choreography as they harmonize their nostalgic songs just like in the old days. It’s a sheer entertainment to see them backed-up by Asian musicians.

The Stylistics is a soul music vocal group and one of the best known Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. They were formed in 1968 and were composed of singers Russell Thompkins, Jr., Herb Murrell, Airrion Love, James Smith, and James Dunn. All of their US hits were ballads, graced by the soaring falsetto voice of Russell Thompkins, Jr. and the lush productions of Thom Bell, which helped make the Stylistics one of the most successful soul groups of the first half of the 1970s. Fan video by Kim Lee.

Engelbert Humperdinck’s one and a half hour show at the Big Dome has given us all a lifetime of memories and we are thankful for the chance to watch such a wonderful talent live.  The icon delivers classic hits, old favorites and romantic ballads with his fabulous vocals.

Filipino fans were singing and thrumming through all the songs. We found genuine timeless feels in every stunning performance.

He is like a time portal which allowed someone like me or an adoring fan to travel from one point in time during his popularity to another by passing through with his music. Fan video by Kim Lee.

For the lovers of A1 music, there’s nothing better than a pumped up crowd, singing through their songs and witnessing the audience adoration and the artist’s exchanges with the crowd throughout the concert. Experiencing and being part of this made us feel young again.

#A1BackinPHL concert represents A1’s gratitude to Filipino fans for their unwavering support. A1’s dictum “Mahal namin kayo,” affirms their love to the Filipino fans. In the entirety of the concert, each member takes the time in between songs to thank and praise the fans. Fan video by Mon Jahrenel.

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