Pinoy performers in K-Pop through K-Pop Idol Search

I recently attended a press conference for a new Korean backed talent competition to be aired on PTV4 around September – K-Pop Idol Search Pinoy Edition. At first impression, I thought it was something like K-Pop Star Hunt from TVN, which is now Channel M. This kind of talent contest usually tours various Asian cities to hold auditions, particularly Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. However, with KIS (K-POP Idol Search) Pinoy Edition, it’s going to hold auditions in various cities and provinces in the Philippines alone. It’s actually a pretty new idea to me. And it’s also going to be telecast on a local channel and not on a Korean channel.

KIS Pinoy (4)

K-Pop Idol Search Pinoy Edition media launch & presscon held at Isabella Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La hotel, Makati.

Idol groups in Korea as they are fondly called like Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ, Beast, 2PM, Teen Top, and Sistar are among the big ones in the K-Pop world. All of the members are Korean though, except for 2PM’s Nickhun who is actually Thai, but there aren’t many foreign performers who are part of a group as of the moment. K-Pop Star Hunt’s previous winners and runner-up’s of Season 1 from Thailand and Philippines, Season 2 the following year again with a Thai winner and Malaysian runner-up and Season 3’s winner from Taiwan are probably still in training.

It would be really remarkable to see new presence of talent from foreign performers, having almost the same reception from avid K-Pop fans, mainly Koreans and Japanese in a very crowded K-Pop industry. I should tell you Korean and Japanese fans specifically like songs addictive and super catchy.

I’m a fan myself and I’m not so happy with the current state, with so many groups debuting one after the other, with generic sounds I can’t even distinguish one from another. Lately, I  been preferring music from the non-mainstream groups because they have more genuine music.KIS Pinoy (1)

Music identity has always been important to me as a listener, although I must say that there are indeed active popular groups with “music identity” in K-Pop. But of course, music identity that also evolves and not continuous repetition should also be of importance. It’s like the first moment you hear a song, you’d know instantly whose song is it.

I think Filipino performers would bring in a different take to performing in the K-Pop world. They still need to learn the language though, despite the commonness of K-Pop songs with English lyrics. It would also open opportunities to Pinoy performers to break into international music specifically in Asia, for the reason that K-Pop is big in other Asian countries too. If you’re big in K-Pop, you have bigger, more positive chances in other Asian countries.

KIS Pinoy (2)

Thanks to Golda Kristy Tabid-Grospe, Brand Manager of People’s Television Network, for inviting us over.

KIS Pinoy

People’s Television Network’s General Mgr. Hon. Cleo B. Dongga-As has given us his welcome message.

Now, let’s wait and see!

Take a look at the happenings in K-Pop Idol Search Pinoy Edition Media Launch, more photos HERE.

KIS Pinoy (3)

A toast of sucess for KIS Pinoy Edition led by President of HBKOR, Inc. Mr. Kim Jung Su (left) and Hon. Cleo B. Dongga-As (right).

KIS Pinoy (5)

K-Pop dance group Black Queen has performed.

KIS Pinoy (6)

KIS Pinoy (7)

Group photo with Miss World Philippines 2013 Second Princess, Ms. Bianca Saldua.

K-Pop Idol Search in the Philippines

KIS is home to discover highly-promising Filipino talents, and make them marketable as a world-class brand. Have fun, then, in the Philippines with KIS! Starting April, you’ve got KIS on Philippine island, and it shall go around from the northern most tip of the island-country to the distant south in Mindanao. KIS shall hear your music, watch your moves and be amazed with your style and fashion as you give best performance.


The competition is open to all Filipino individuals, 14-35 years old, who love to sing and dance, and dream of becoming a world stage performer. Interested parties must have no existing management and recording contracts, locally and internationally. Witness the first-ever talent search that will not just give fabulous prizes, but also a chance to contestants undergo a six-month intensive training in South Korea and a five-year exclusive performing arts contract with a Korean company.

Together with the People’s Television Network, Inc. (PTV 4), the HBKOR, Inc. and several partners are launching K-Pop Idol Search (KIS Pinoy), a unique platform to develop world-class marketable Filipino artists.

Entries are accepted from April 01 to August 31, 2014 with an initial criteria to beat:

Voice Quality 40%
Dance Moves 35%
Overall Impact 35%
(including fashion style, bearing)

Every month, KIS Pinoy will also have special citations such as KIS Pinoy Idol of the Month, The Voice of KIS Pinoy, The Look of KIS Pinoy, and KIS Pinoy Darling of the Media. Awardees will be announced at

The top ten (10) finalists will compete in the Grand Finals and five (5) winners (grand winner, 1st – 4th runner up) will be declared at the end of the search. The Grand Champion will receive P1,000,000.00 plus a 6-month intensive performing arts training in South Korea under the supervision of renowned South Korean artists, with free airfare, accommodation and food! Not only that, he/she will also receive a five-year exclusive talent contract with the HBKOR Korea!

For more information, the KIS Pinoy National Secretariat can be reached at 551-6835 or log on at Send in your auditions HERE.

HBKOR, Inc. Marketing & Operations Unit 106 | Unit 3F Amber Place Building No. 67 Bayani Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

(T) 02.5516834 | (M) 0939.9257785
(T) 02.5516835 (Executive Office)

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