Retracing the Passage of Sab

Sabrina has always received a lot of attention for precisely doing a lot of covers. Despite her status, she has come to be known as Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart, recognized in ASEAN countries for her musical ability and acoustic style. Her “I Love Acoustic” series in 8 volumes to date has reached loads of Platinum successes. sab-2016-4

Setting aside her significant talents, as a performer and a recording artist, what makes Sabrina special are her three specific gifts: humility, love for supporters, and just importantly, her genuine perspective in song writing.

Over a span of eight years, Sabrina has performed a number of original songs written like “Again” (by Anj Sulit) and “Sa Bawat Paghinga” (by Toto Sorioso). Adding to her song treasury of originals are “One True Love,” “Over For Now But Not Forever,” “Oh Boy,” and “Paradise.”

As anticipated, she’s inspired to create songs from her own experiences and thoughts as she is extremely positive about releasing an all-original album. She probably didn’t spend a long time thinking about this dream, instead, she starts it with the first step of writing songs. She is focus to her goals no matter how bold and risky it may be. For her, this comes as a reinvention of herself.

“Where I am right now is a mixture of faith, destiny and a lot of hard work. From doing demos and auditions, I never expected that this would happen. As you know, I used to do covers and with the “I Love Acoustic” series, but I can do beyond covers. I love singing and recording the series album has always been both enjoyable and challenging,” shares Sabrina as she adds more stories about how and what she learned throughout those fundamental years.  


“In line with it, I’m usually asked about when can I write or publish my own original songs. I never get too pressured to come out with one because I have always trusted my record label, MCA Music, that they know when is the right time for it. It’s wonderful to be given something because they think you deserved it and not because you asked for it.”

She has her own process in writing as she recounts that it’s easier to write songs when she’s unhappy, heartbroken or frustrated. “With Sab, when they finally told me to start sending my original compositions, I was happy and scared at the same time because I always asked myself if I’m up to the challenge and be able to justify this blessing. So I decided to put aside all my fears and just jump into it,” avers Sabrina.

The Music and Lyrics of Sab

“Sab” was born. “Compared to doing covers, this is hate-it-or-love-it, it’s me. I’m very happy and proud of how it came out; and I worked with the most amazing team behind it. I am very hands on in terms of its musicality and feel,” exclaims Sabrina.


Sab has eight (8) all-original tracks, two of which are acoustic versions. All songs are composed by Sabrina except for one song “Permanent” which was written by international songwriter Diane Warren, the American hitmaker who penned chart-topping tracks for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Eric Clapton, Toni Braxton, Cher, Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Brandy, and Shanice, among others.

“Permanent” music video is courtesy of SabrinaAcousticVEVO.

“Hypnotized” is about fighting for the one you love, the song is both melodic and haunting in the most inviting way. “Kung Puwede Lang” is the only Filipino track on the album, a song that tells the story of second chances and yearning for lost time. “Heaven Made” is a mid-tempo song that’s about finding love in the most unexpected time. “Once Upon A Time” sings about imagining the perfect love. “Just Cause You Want To” speaks about doing what you want to do as we live for the moment. “Kung Pwede Lang” music video below courtesy of SabrinaAcousticVEVO.

If most people are unaware of the depth and breadth of Sabrina’s creativity, these songs solidify the stories behind the acoustic versions, now being the certified singer-songwriter that she is now. Sab becoming a songwriter is not only a decision; she has always believed she is a songwriter.

“I am 20% music, 80% lyrics – even before, the lyrics and the meaning of the song are more important to me. It should be relatable,” recalls Sabrina as she enjoys the artistic freedom she has for the album.

“Sab” is a melodious milestone that exudes her capability to release a full-length all-original album, a validation of her musicality and artistry. “I am more satisfied with the things that I can do now as I grow as an artist. I learned to diversify more on my skills in terms of composing songs. I feel blessed to learn to recognize even the tiniest successes because it makes us kinder.”


One of the things that I learned from this woman of substance is to never lose track of yourself, of who you are. With the catchword enclosed with her passion for music, it kicks her way to fulfilment and success in releasing this album. For all of us bloggers who followed her in every step of the way, we are more than proud and this album is a huge win.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a song or an artist and for Sabrina, the main objective must be to write songs for yourself or for people who are willing to embrace the music.

“It must be from the heart, don’t focus on the commercial aspect. Focus on your craft. Be sincere.” ~Sabrina.

“Sab” is available worldwide digitally on Spinnr, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and on CDs at leading record stores. More photos from our Sab Blog Con.

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