Songs About You: Krissy Tells Her Story Through Music

“And the words he promised me are now lost in the wind,
He’s the sweetest taste of sin when he went in for the kill.”Krissy Songs About You (3)

It’s one of the most tragic and heartbreaking lyrics in pop acoustic history when Krissy Villongco penned it. It’s from the song “The Game,” but wait until you hear her sing it and strum her guitar with over 7 more original songs from her newest solo release “Songs About You.”

Songs About You

“Songs About You” is originally supposed to be a self-titled album because I’m coming out as my own separate person. But I thought about it as I want to express more what the album is. The album is about the words that I fail to tell people because I’m a bit coward. I never really tell them how I feel; I’m more comfortable in writing them down. So these songs are for them not for anything else. I’m not trying to be anything else; but it’s like a letter to them, to those boys that I never get to tell those things to,” Krissy introduces the album.

Krissy Songs About You (7)

Like all-original albums go, “Songs About You” offers more added values. “It feels great and I can say that this is mine,” proudly tells Krissy about a dream coming true. Krissy gives all the songs her best, and her articulate, soulful vocal tone stands out nicely against the melancholic musical backdrop. “These songs were written right after making the second album with Ericka. It’s all compounded by different stories and different people in my life. It’s like a storybook, there is every emotion that you can think of – there’s happy, there’s sad, there’s angry.”Krissy Songs About You (6)

The album’s carrier single is the brilliant heartbreak song, “We Can’t Be.” “Weekend With You,” “Piece Of You” and “Distance” can cause a few stillness but in the positive light. They are great tracks to doze off to on repeat. But Krissy has so much more to offer. “The Game,” “Don’t Forget Me,” and “Gone Away” are incredibly easy listening songs and have relevant lyrical stimulation among others. “12:51” is recorded in piano version, unlike the original one. “This rendition is in different key and I felt the need to top what I did in the last album, so I was really competing with myself in this song,” defines Krissy.

Sole Krissy

We were all used to listening to Krissy and Ericka, we can instantly recognize why they are one of the most impressive acoustic duos that has been produced.Krissy Songs About You (8)

“Me and my sister have always done everything together, and we are really connected that we sometimes don’t even have to say anything and we understand each other. I guess the difference that had to be done is that she wasn’t there with me when I was recording. She wasn’t there anymore to sing some parts. But I’m happy also because these are my songs, these are my feelings and she can’t relate to it anyway. She has a different life and we understand that. It’s natural that we did our own thing. She wants something else and I did too and it was okay for both of us,” explains Krissy as she denotes how Ericka has always been her number one cheerleader. “She always tells me to keep writing and she loves it when I write and she loves my stories and my music.”

Krissy on Relationships

“I haven’t had a lot of relationships but I’ve had “almost-relationships,” smiles Krissy. Krissy triumphs relationships through writing her feelings in a song. “I try to write because I never really talk. My family would ask me why I’m not talking and I’d say I’m just writing. I just want to talk to a good friend to really express it and that’s it.” She is very much thankful for all her exes that she was able to write those songs.Krissy Songs About You (5)

“The whole time I was making it, I didn’t realize fully in my brain that I was making an album. I didn’t feel that way, I just felt like it was a normal day. Then I realized, when I was making acknowledgements for the album, I finally got to say what I want to say. This is something that I want to do. It’s definitely a closure for me. I’m moving on, I’m okay now.”

Krissy as a Songwriter

“My love for Lana del Rey, Frank Ocean and Drake grows because of their lyrical genius-ness,” enumerates Krissy her musical influences. “They talk about their stories and their lives and that’s what I want to do. I don’t write for anything else, I write for my own experiences. I write for anyone. I feel like anyone can relate to it: longing, heartbreak, betrayal as my music style has definitely changed.”Krissy Songs About You (2)

“Sometimes I can write a line that I dreamed of; just a random line. I’d write it down on my phone and the next morning I’d be surprised that I wrote something, and from there I’ll write around it, that initial thought, until it becomes the song,” utters her own process of writing songs.

“For me, it’s about expressing myself. I don’t write to make it a hit. My goal is for other people to relate to it, to help others who are going through breakups, to have something to listen to and to know that other people are out there who feel the same way.”

Krissy: A New Version of Herself

“Songs About You” shares Krissy’s guitar chords threading lightly on heartstrings, which move us to listen and to understand the emotions weaving throughout the song. For songwriters, the fascination in putting words together has always been a challenge. They work hard to produce quite a profound collection of words.Krissy Songs About You (4)

“Some songs I take a break and then soon I go back to it. Recently, I was going through a bad break up that I couldn’t write at all. I felt so devastated because I felt like something was taken away from me when that breakup happened. I couldn’t write and I thought I lost that talent because I lost that person,” narrates Krissy.

Until she attended the “Elements Songwriting Camp 2014,” a gathering of aspiring and professional singers and songwriters from various disciplines to provide them with a venue to learn, collaborate, interact and create music in a natural setting.

“I was with Armi Millare, Up Dharma Down’s vocalist/keyboardist, and she was a mentor. I asked her what I could do to stop this writing block because it’s driving me insane. ‘You need forgive yourself and that person and then you need to take a songwriting break, your mind needs it, your soul needs it. When you come out of it, you’re going to write something great,’ is the advice from Armi and Quest. It’s very different from what I used to write because it’s like it’s a different version of myself,” confidently says Krissy.

On that note, I am being amused by the signature thrums of Krissy; it slows everything down as it enchants with a soothing melody. This album is bound to be an instant favorite.Krissy Songs About You (10)

“Music is something that I would do even for free because it’s what I love to do. It’s my passion. This album is a huge piece of me. I just really hope that you enjoy it and I’m happy to share it with all of you,” ends Krissy.Krissy Songs About You (9)

“Songs About You” is now available in music stores nationwide and through digital downloads via Spinnr and iTunes. You can also stream Krissy’s songs for free on Deezer and Spotify, released under MCA Music.

Photos taken at Krissy’s album blog con held recently at MCA Office, also posted HERE.Krissy Songs About You (1)

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