Breaking the Norms, Creating New Frontiers Abuzz the OPM Music Scene

In music, just as in life, there are new beginnings, breaking into new opportunities and challenges, or venturing into new aspects that come in varying forms.


This month’s Music Roll, we see and hear the music scene loud with energy, passion, and abuzz with acoustic sweetheart Sabrina brushing shoulders with big names in KPop and Asia, Alden Richards’ landmark in music, Bamboo’s firepower music in new album, Gloc-9′s sparkling anniversary concert series, Sarah Geronimo bringing the top to Smart Araneta, and Kamikazee’s big send-off concert.

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AlDub-inspired songs: Creating a new wave in OPM

AlDub-selfie (2)The power of AlDub, the split-screen loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub has definitely come a long way, even breaking barriers into the OPM industry as it has inspired people and fans alike in introducing new songs as another big push for OPM.

AlDub has also marked another breaking record recently on Twitter. On Saturday, 26th of September, in celebration of the National Pabebe Wave Day, the hashtag #ALDubEBforLove made 25.6M tweets, topping that of its last record on September 19 of over 12M tweets for the hashtag #ALDubMostAwaitedDate.

God Gave Me You

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards couldn’t help but be emotional last Saturday as he granted Lola Nidora’s wish to sing the AlDub theme song “God Gave Me You” in dedication to Meng, Yaya Dub’s nickname and as the start of his official courtship to Yaya Dub.

Alongside the popularity of AlDub is the continued popularity of the song God Gave Me You by Bryan White. Before the song became the AlDub theme song, it’s been a favourite in the country but it became an ever bigger hit when AlDub started to rise among netizens.

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