The Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop Launch: How to train yourself to be more creative

They say, Creativity takes courage.” As I agree with these beautiful words of Henri Matisse, it is also deeply-rooted in my mind that each of us has a diverse way, perspective and capability to think creatively. To be able to communicate it in your own manner is another thing.

Creativity is self-expression that can be explored through a variety of artistic disciplines. In my own creative journey—magazine layouts, newspaper page designs, and photography, all have been very encouraging and worth taking the risk of pursuing my artistic side.

Papemelroti Artisans Workshop Launch (3)

However, attending the Papemelroti Art Journal Workshop is a different thing, especially when the invitation is extended by the “art of craft master” himself, Sir Robert Alejandro.

I was previously tagged by my high school friend Chingz from Sir Robert’s Facebook thread to attend a certain workshop event, knowing on my end that I do not have the courage to put myself out there because of the belief that it’s a different medium.

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