Clara Benin: An Acoustic Evening at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

We have learned a lot of things about Clara Benin during the launch of her independently released album, “Human Eyes.” She is a shy girl and very soft spoken yet loves to do something magical every time she picks up her guitar.

Clara Benin - Human Eyes (6)

Clara Benin is the daughter of former Side A bass player Joey Benin. The 21-year-old is also the voice behind the commercial jingles of McDonald’s breakfast menu including her rendition of “Pure Imagination” and “Hooray for Today.”

A friend recommended her music to me and the first time I heard her on You Tube, I am hooked. I remembered her playing for You Tube sensation AJ Rafael in Teatrino as she showed a taste of Clara B’s music to be.

I think I have listened to her songs from this album many times and I am really surprised the first time I heard it all. It’s something new, natural and catches a great deal of OPM. I had a little problem though with some words spoken from the songs but her acoustic setting allows her vocals to be more expressive. Her music is melodically awesome, I love all the instruments incorporated in every song. Continue reading

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