VJP Year-ender Special: The Thrill of Watching Concerts

I love going to concerts, be it local or foreign acts, as long as I have the means expect me to be there. There is something extremely thrilling and magical about seeing a singer or a band – especially if it’s your favorite one – owning and rocking the stage by singing songs that can evoke different emotions, remind you of someone or a memory, takes you to another place and time, or speak the words you can’t say. 


There are no words to describe the experience of finding a good spot in the sea of people trooping to watch a rock show – screaming and jumping with fist in the air — or making your way to the reserved seat and seeing that you have a good view of the artist, singing along, anticipating the next song, clapping at the first few notes because that’s your favorite song being played right there.


At the start of 2015, I told myself that I am going to watch as many concerts as I could. It helps that my job allows me to watch concerts for free through invites but there are times when I do not mind shelling out my own money just to see an artist sing live, alongside, is the hope that a favorite song will be included in the set list.

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Michael Bublè Serenades Manila, Delivers an Engaging “To Be Loved” Concert Tour

I just can’t stop smiling not knowing that this concert has exceeded my expectations because of the engaging musical experience as I genuinely adore Michael Bublè more deeply. It’s my first time, hoping not the last, to experience the Canadian crooner, Grammy award winner and virtuosic artist Michael Bublè Live in Manila at the MOA Arena. The January 31, 2015 concert was a full-house, he performed like how I knew of him from concert videos that I’ve seen online. Naturally 7, an all men a cappella group, energized all expectators before Michael Bublè.Michael Buble Live in Manila (1) Michael Bublè’s “Fever” opens the stage in a fiery visuals, heightens his rise to contemporary pop jazz and standards, and slidin’ away a slick, ritzy LED flap stage sporting his cheeky tailored tuxedo. This is the Philippines’ first look at Michael Bublè’s “To Be Loved Tour” performed in more than 30 different countries. Front stage column exudes the flaming pyro jets for the show opening.

“I have never made a concert, I think they’re boring. I really do. If you want to listen to music, go home, play your CD. I come to have a party with thousands of people, that’s what I do. And even though, I feel like many of us have known each other for a long time, a lot of us have never actually met. This is our first night together and I’d like to think about it like it’s a first date. I wanna do with you what you do on a first date with somebody,” opens Michael Bublè at his screaming and super excited Filipino audience who were treated into an all-out visually delightful and eargasmic production from Team Bublè’s musical ensemble. Continue reading