VJP Music Roll: Guide to Upcoming Foreign Concerts in Manila (Part 3)


Experience your first concert today as it will surely hold a special place in your heart. The greatest reason would be — there is no greater feeling than to see these artists doing what they love to do. If you haven’t experience being part of the magic that connects to fans, now is the perfect time to hit up live performances as you can as we are giving you the last part of our list!

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The Moffatts: The Farewell Tour Press Con

The Moffatts, the Canadian ‘90s band, returns to Manila after 16 years to perform at their “Farewell Tour” concert on February 18, 2017 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

The Moffats Farewell Tour 2017 (8)

The iconic pop rock band was known for hits like “Miss You Like Crazy” “If Life is So Short,” Girl of My Dreams,” “Bang Bang Boom” and “I’ll Be There for You,” among many others. To this day, they remain the biggest selling international band of all time in the Philippines.

We are grateful to Midas Promotions and to Ms. Grace Lomboy Foronda​ for the opportunity to also cover their concert press con. The Moffatts has created an ambiance of excitement as they sang an a capella version of their hit “I Miss You Like Crazy.”

So we are inviting you to watch and don’t miss the chance to see them live at the Araneta Coliseum this coming Saturday. Checkout our photo set on this LINK and our custom-made video invites below.

The Moffatts Farewell Tour promo from VerJube Photographics on Vimeo.


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The 2016 Concert Recap

2016 has been a tough year but fantastic at the same time, in terms of music experience. We are extremely grateful for it. And every year, it is an achievement as we look back on a full and rich musical moments captured through photos with all-time artistic legends.


To discover new music, listen to artists’ powerful vocals and just be at the moment with the beat is truly life-changing. It has transformed us to be a super fan, as we become inspired and celebrate music through any circumstances and battles that we may have in life.

Taking pictures of them has been a knock-down challenge to our creativity, freedom of expression and artistry. It has been an eventful and interesting 2016 with every act brought to us by Wilbros Live, Ovation Productions, Midas Promotions, Royale Chimes Concerts & Events and Concert Republic, through one of the country’s best PR specialist, Grace Foronda (GLF Events Management Services). Without them, it won’t be easy and all these won’t be possible. We really appreciate their extreme generosity to include us to their roster of media team.

Take a peek into our 2016 coverage, a pretty perfect summary of the #concertfeels that we have had, featuring renowned international artists with their exceptional musical genres. In fact, we actually haven’t gotten over these just yet.

Most of them are artists we grew up with, proving Filipinos’ eclectic musical tastes and passion for any kind of music. Their songs saved our lives musically and lyrically. We will remember them for the rest of our lives.

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