In Photos: Karylle’s ‘A Different Playground (The Concert)’

Concert photography is challenging yet very rewarding because of the colorful low light situations that photographers need to work with. Sometimes, you don’t need to equip yourself with good quality lenses. You can use fast lenses that works best in low light conditions because of its large maximum aperture. It is important to understand your camera settings as it might do the job for you.


Last week’s shoot of Karylle’s “A Different Playground (The Concert)” at Teatrino has given me the chance to use my latest camera, FUJIFILM X-A2, with its 16-50mm II kit lens. I never thought that it could give me a more natural creative setting in concerts. I’m amazed with the results!

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Journey: 7 Things We Learned About Kyla

It has been 4 years in the making but Kyla is back! At present, Kyla is busy touring to promote her latest album “Journey.” It may not be the way some of her fans expected her to be but she’s back with a stronger well-made RnB sound and passion through her music. She’s known as “The Philippines’ R&B and Soul Princess,” Kyla is one of the most awarded artists in the Philippines. She’s now married to PBA cager Rich Alvarez with a one year-old son.Kyla Journey (4)

Endowed from her roots with OctoArts EMI Music Philippines (PolyEast Records), she is introducing 2 songs that she had written for the album, namely “Journey” and “I Got This.” “Journey,” her 9th album features 6 all-original songs. “I came up with an all-original album kasi iyong past two albums ko na “Heartfelt” and “Heart to Heart” ay puro cover songs na,” tells Kyla as she denotes about wanting to go back to recording all originals this time. But was it worth the wait?

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