Kito Romualdez Stands for New Generation of Acoustic Tune

I’ve heard so many Filipino acoustic acts already, may it be folk or pop, but what captivates me is when the artist delivers his own sound in a manner of showing the style possessing him/her to stand out among the rest.Kito Romualdez

Kito’s Acoustics

Kito Romualdez is one of the youngest voices in this genre. His music was inspired by his very own music heroes such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran. “I met my most current inspiration. Ed Sheeran when he opened Snow Patrol’s Toronto concert.  Met him backstage, super nice guy, super relax, and wears only a sweater and a simple shirt. I am more about the music than the appearance, that’s what I like and get inspired from,” tells Kito as he admits his admiration to Ed Sheeran.

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