Christian Bautista: Illustrating Romantic Emotions through “Soundtrack”

Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista has spent his career crafting pop ballad hits like  “The Way You Look at Me,” “Colour Everywhere” and “Hands to Heaven” after taking center stage at ABS-CBN’s “Star in a Million” as a finalist. Being considered as one of the most proficient vocal ranges that can be found in Filipino ballads, he has an interesting flair in songs that are blending genres.Christian Bautista - Soundtrack (8)

Christian Bautista: Backtrack

His first self-titled debut record, Christian Bautista, was a multi-platinum album that has built his career on soulful ballads and stirring love songs that are clearly reflected in his other successive albums and repertoire. This distinction enabled him to reach a wide audience demographic and provided him a different perspective for new listeners into the extent of his talent.

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