Christian Bautista grips relentless ballads on new record ‘Kapit’

Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista performs at the Music Museum recently for the launch of his latest album “Kapit.”Christian Bautista Kapit Launch (8)

For more than 15 songs, Christian had the audience singing earnestly with his timeless popular hits and covers including, “Colour Everywhere,” “Afraid for Love to Fade,” “Ngiti,” “I’m Already King,” and “The Way You Look at Me.”

With numerous critically-acclaimed hits and several acting stints, Christian has already made an incredible mark in the entertainment industry.

Kapit promises lyrical masterpieces, original melodic ballads, and a pristine voice only Christian Bautista can offer. “This album is a journey to find my next music path, a challenge to write more songs and to continue writing songs for others,” reveals Christian. Continue reading

Kean & Eunice: Top 10 Best Things About “Happy Together”

The name Kean Cipriano and Eunice Jorge are usually associated with pop rock bands, but something you might not know is that they have a deep love affair with music for a long, long time.

Kean & Eunice Happy Together (3)

This new release “Happy Together” is a labor of love that pays loving homage to the music and artistry they hold dearly. There are 10 tracks that throwback us to diverse genres in this collaboration project by Kean and Eunice, released under Universal Records. Maybe, it’s one of the artist’s journey or when they experiment as much with themselves and their influences.

It stands as proof that those songs can blossom into great relationships and that’s the magic of music. The album is available in music stores and can be downloaded via iTunes. Album preview below courtesy of UniversalRecPH.

There are a lot more things to know and love about the album. Below is our top 10 best among any other reasons you can think of.

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