Andy Grammer Takes Center Stage, Brings “The Good Parts” to Manila

Recently, I went to catch Andy Grammer at his press conference without any expectations. I eventually learned that Andy, known for his hits “Honey I’m Good,” “Fine by Me” and “Keep Your Head Up, has a genuine passion for music and songwriting. Through his songs, recognizable pop trends about happiness and positivity serve as a striking contrast to the sometimes explicit content of today’s pop music.

Watching him live on stage the next day is a bucket list thing to do after discovering the good concert reviews about him, and how I am impressed about his innate humbleness and sincerity on how he interacts with people during the press con.

Reminiscing his roots

“I’m very excited. I’ve never been to the Philippines before and I heard a lot about your incredible place,” greets Andy at his press conference in Marco Polo Ortigas. He adds, “Everywhere I go, people are smiling at me and I really like that.”

Andy Grammer is pleasant and easily likable when he stepped onto the stage with his joyous smiles during his press con. He answers questions enthusiastically, introduces himself, and engages well with the media.

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