Live Music Selections: Dirty Old Musical (Rerun), The Camerawalls and Ang Bandang Shirley

Whether you’re looking for local bands, high-calibre singers or some rarely-seen artists performing at your favorite venues, you can find a plenty of them around the city. Either you can scoop out new artists from not so popular settings or veterans playing from the biggest scenes, all of the industry’s best is right here in the Philippines.

It has always been a challenge as I ask myself of the quickest way to write and share about the local scenes that I’m seeing, but chances are quite rare when work gets in the way of blogging.

Today though, I’ll be sharing a few remarkable concerts I’ve seen at work recently, not to mention the exceptional opportunity to see these great music.

I maintain a website and it’s social media network to help spread the word about the venue and also its events. It’s just an all-around thing to me! Nevertheless, it’s actually more of a reward to watch these wonderful musical performances.

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The VJP Music Roll Reissue

It’s been awhile since I published a new Music Roll but this time is sort of special since this month’s music roll is my own creation with just a little help. Thanks to my editor, Jovelyn Javier, for contributing us the story about Ang Bandang Shirley.


Getting on with it, I’m sharing with everyone some momentous live performances I’ve come across from the first few months of the year — the impressive theatrical re-run of “Dirty Old Musical,” the exquisitely presented combination of alternative rock and string orchestra in Camerawall’s reunion gig and an album launch tinged with an emotional closing at Blue Bay Walk by Ang Bandang Shirley with a new album that could easily be anyone’s “favorite.”

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Life is Stellar in ‘Constellations’

How can we discover and deliberately develop good chemistry between two actors? Christopher Aruffo once said as he defined what a chemistry is, “It’s an invisible force evident to create a dynamic flow to connect and affect each other.”

Constellations - VJP (10)

Lead actors JC Santos (Roland) and Cris Villonco (Marianne), stars of ‘Constellations’ are a testament to this chemistry through the witty two-hander play by Nick Payne. In 2015, ‘Constellations’ won outstanding reviews in Broadway starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson.  It is an explosive play about the boundless potentials of a first encounter, free will and friendship.

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VerJube Photographics Launches the VJP Music Roll to Provide More Music News

VerJube Photographics introduces #VJPMusicRoll – a monthly round-up of selected major news surrounding the OPM music circle and other relevant updates and developments in worldwide music.


For our first release, we are tackling about a Filipino stage and singing icon set to make her Broadway comeback, a highly promising stage actress and singer making waves in London’s West End, a Korean-American songwriter/singer lending her voice for Studio Ghibli, anniversary concert celebration from Asia’s Premiere Vocal Ensemble, a bossa nova happy ending, and the newest songs to get addicted to from PhilPop 2015′s top 12.

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The Wizard of Oz Press Preview

“The Wizard of Oz” is Kids Acts Philippines‘ season offering, with script and lyrics by Luigi Nacario and music by Eugene Belbis. Staged last 26 and 27 Sept 2014 at the Star Theater, Star City Compound, CCP Complex, and inspired by the children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” written by L. Frank Baum. The Wizard of Oz is a musical for the kids by kids as it features mostly professional theater actors aged 7 to 14.


Kids Acts Philippines unfolds the story on stage showcasing the genuine portrayals of the TheCampArt Kid Actors, augmenting children’s interests in performing arts. “Kids to become professional stage actors must undergo intensive workshop for acting and singing,” tells Luigi Nacario.

Written especially for parents to enjoy with their children but even the smallest members of the family enjoyed the play, a charming children’s tale bursting with musical medleys and magical moments, “The Wizard of Oz” is a beautiful production your kids will love and learn from. The great performances from these kids suit the very little ones, the nearly big ones, and the grown-ups.

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