TOP 12 OPM Teen Music Must-Haves

This is long overdue. I’ve been browsing Spotify recently and I was looking for something new to put on my playlist.

In this digital age, Spotify is one of the many digital music platforms that gives access to millions of songs. The young and the young at hearts are the primary target audience for this post as they will discover the best music feels for a genuine youthful passion and teen spirit.TOP-12-OPM-Teen-Music-Must-Haves-collage-verjube -web

12. Yssa Muhlach

18-year-old Yssa Alvarez, the daughter of actress Almira Muhlach and cage star Bong Alvarez, plays the guitar, performs and writes songs. She’s one of VIVA’s rising stars. She’s exposed to the life in show business at a very young age as she drew inspiration from artists like Taylor Swift.

Previous album “Addicted To Acoustic 3,” features covers of pop hits like “Billionaire,” “Break Your Heart,” “Telephone,” “Eenie Meenie,” “Alejandro,” and “Hate That I Love You,” has reach GOLD status, proving her capability of doing what she loves most. Self-penned song “All I Need Is You” was also included in this album.

Yssa Muhlach’s latest single “TL Ako Sa’Yo,” a part of her self-titled album and is now out in record bars, has been released under VIVA Records. This self-titled album has 10 songs; with covers “Ikaw Na Nga,”  “T.L. Ako Sa ‘Yo,” “Till My Heartaches End,” and “With A Smile,” an original song “Yun Ka,” and 4 minus one versions of the mentioned songs except “With A Smile.” You will love that feeling of relaxation and warmth when you get to listen to her. Video above courtesy by vivamusicgroup1.

11. Pop Girls: Jumpstart

Pop Girls are the newest teen girl sensations; young diva Anja Aguilar, model Shy Carlos and teen movie idol Nadine Lustre are the song-and-dance group’s former members. Singing in harmony are current members Joanna Morales, Rosalie ‘Rose’ Van Ginkel, Carlyn Ocampo and Aubrey Vallerie Caraan, presenting an active dance music with their latest album “Jumpstart.”

Get a dose of serious girl power from 5 upbeat pop songs namely “Miss Na Miss Kita,” “Baby Boy,” “Jumpstart,” “Torpe,” and “Pasikot-Sikot.” They offer original tunes in diverse mix to keep teen spirits soaring and hearts jumping with infatuation. “Baby Boy” music video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

Nothing excites me more than their extraordinary score of appealing RnB-inflected harmonies and sounds. The people behind the album’s music production includes Jonathan Ong, Toto Sorioso, Flipmusic producers Bojam de Belen, Pow Chavez, Kidwolf, Marcus Davis and Civ Fontanilla.

10. Chicser: Chicser Party

Internet sensation and dance group Chicser returns with the latest album DVD “Chicser Party.” This audio & DVD album “Chicser Party” features 3 songs namely “Chicser Party,” “Stuck Sa ‘Yo,” and “Thank You, Thank You” inclusive of picture galleries, backing tracks and music videos. A super sulit treat for Chicser fans. Video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

Chicser started out as high school friends and they were all passionate about dancing. Formed in 2010, the group has recorded one of their dance choreo on a rooftop that started all the craze about them. Having a solid brotherhood with a solid fan base keeps them together. As a group, they have the chance to travel to different parts of the country to meet and greet their followers.

Chicser members Ullyses, Biboy, Oliver, Clarence, Ranz and Owy, have a mission to connect, inspire and motivate the younger generation. They are phenomenal. They have inspired each other to hone their musical skills; they are indeed the next generation of stars.

How great would an entire album be having some trendy beats, youthful music perspective and delirious fun sounding? From their debut album until today, it’s Chicser Party!

9. Sugar High

Sugar High is the Philippines’ newest boy teen pop group, an outbursts of energy like ‘sugar rush,’ delivers their debut single entitled “Sugar Sugar.” These promising boys are music lovers, composed of Luis Yumang, Daniel Huschka, Carlos Ysmael, Julius Gareza and Carl Pollington, armed with an electro-pop and RnB music from their self-titled debut album. “Sugar Sugar” music video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

Released under Flip Music Records, they recently introduced “Weekend,” a new single from the same album produced by Bojam de Belen, lyrics and music by Emmanuel “Direk Nolan” Bernardino, Jellica “Jeli” Mateo and Julius James “Bojam” de Belen respectively. “Sino-Sino” is a collaboration with rap artist Shehyee. Other songs are “Dinggin,” “Best Days of Our Lives,” and “High School Crush.”

Sugar High music pops up with some good music and lyrics that are generally focused on teenage matters such as love, kinships and growing up, relatable in shaping the lives of their audience. These are the things worth considering; making them a bonafide teen-pop stars.

8. Kito Romualdez

Kito Romualdez stands for new generation of acoustic tune upon releasing his self-titled debut album. He is one of the youngest voices in this genre, inspired by his very own music heroes such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran.

The album is an array of original and cover songs that has different perspectives but more relatable, playful, upbeat and happier sounding.
I adored Kito’s cool, simple and mellow style with a good talent for songwriting which are more appealing with today’s generation. All original songs include, “Ready Ka Na Ba?,” “Jack and Jill, and “She Could Be the One” and covers such as “Suntok Sa Buwan” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” “Suntok sa Buwan” music video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

Fil-Canadian Kito Romualdez also became one of the finalists in the 2014 MTV VJ Hunt.

7. Donnalyn Bartolome: KakaiBabe

Donnalyn Bartolome, dubbed as the “social media sweetheart,” is a You Tube sensation, singer, performer, aspiring actress and songwriter. She credits her popularity at all social media platforms particularly Twitter, Facebook and on the popular video sharing site.

“KakaiBabe,” also the title of her debut album was included as one of the official movie soundtracks of Wattpad story entitled “Diary ng Panget.” She then releases refreshing second single “Huwag Siya,” after the successful rap-flavored pop song “KakaiBabe.” It’s a collaboration with Fliptop rap champ Shehyee. We’ve been listening to her in the airwaves since her album was released in June 2014. ” “Huwag Siya” music video below courtesy of FlipMusicRecordsPH.

Other songs from the album: “Afraid of Love,” “LM4M,” and “Isang Text.” Donnalyn’s rap prowess and vocal charm give-off a refreshing sound with her lyrics that are relatable to teen situations.

6. Shehyee

Philippine Hip-hop-rap has got a new voice and it belongs to Shehyee. Earned himself a credible rapper status, a popular fliptop artist and one of the local acts for spontaneous wordsmith supremacy. He has released his debut album under FlipMusic Records in 2013. First single is “Trip Lang,” a catchy piece that displays smooth lyrical lines, was penned by himself, Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana. Its music video has more than 11 Million views as of press time, featuring actress and model Sam Pinto.

Shehyee was a revelation, he raps with style. His notable tracks in terms of catchy and creative song writing includes “Suplado” (ft. Juan Tamad & Thyro), “Welcome,” “Maria Clara,” “Balang Araw,” “Oops Teka (Interlude),” “Inspirasyon,” “Isang umaga” (ft. Yumi), “Halika Na” (ft. Ann B Mateo), “Basag na Salamin,” “Eh Ano” (ft. Thyro), and “Thank You.” “Inspirasyon” music video below courtesy of FlipMusicRecordsPH.

5. Flipmusic: #One

The cycle of music trends in Manila has turned and dialed to “FlipMusic,” the label responsible for all the fine RnB and Hip-hop music that came out lately. Their growing roster of artists includes The Lyrically Deranged Poets (LDP), Mista Blaze, Urbanation, CB Automatic, Pow Chavez, Young JV, Viktoria, Duncan Ramos, Nice, Amazing Kid, and many more.

This independent label is composed of a group of producers and promoters headed by Jumbo ‘BoJam’ De Belen and Jim Poblete. Their main goal is to push underground artists to the mainstream with the quality music that they provide. FlipMusic #One sampler below featuring Niimbus9 & Quest. Video by Madz XD.

“Flipmusic #One” is a 19-track compilation featuring some of the best and top artists in the industry. It’s a perfect sampler to introduce the new sound of the genres mentioned above. It’s all original with cool and soul-flavored tracks in general, elevating the most profound Pinoy sound.

4. Anja Aguilar: Beginnings

Young and versatile singer Anja Aguilar is promoting her second solo album “Beginnings,” released by Viva Records. Radio hit song “To Reach You,” the album’s first single, tells a youthful tale of love and personal discovery. Her solo career proves her confident pop statement with talents like playing the guitar and into writing songs. She won the “Little Big Star” Season 2 and has been part of the all-teen group Pop Girls.

Ace power ballad “Give Me A Reason” is Anja’s follow up single to “Silver Lining,” her way to inspire other local artists to promote OPM love songs. “Silver Lining,” a composition by Vehnee and Arrabelle Saturno, is an emotional centerpiece ballad expressing an undying devotion for love.  Video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

Her 5-track album “Beginnings” is endowed with perfect melodies and the impressive effect of Anja’s voice. Besides the 2 mentioned above, songs include “Labis Kitang Mahal,” “Bihag and “Nababaliw Ako Sa’yo.” Willie Revillame’s “I Love You” is the only cover among the songs, the theme song of TV5’s “PS I Love You”.

3. Nadine Lustre

“Para-Paraan” and “Bahala Na” both more than 6 Million views on You Tube as of press time. These are two songs performed by Nadine for her recent movie: “Talk Back and You’re Dead” and also included in her self-titled debut album. Other songs are “Mr. Antipatiko,” “Aba Bakit Hindi,” and “Me & You.” Video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

She took power with her own voice. Showing her versatility is her numerous collaborations with other VIVA artists and projects. Her solid fans were captured by her pop, RnB and enthralling catchy playful sound that are worth for repeated listens.

Nadine Lustre is also an actress and TV host, best known for her role as Eya Rodriguez in the film adaptation of “Diary ng Panget.” She was a former member of the all-female group Pop Girls. She is now in a love team paired with Fil-Aussie heartthrob James Reid (JaDine love team). Her profile has gotten bigger eventually with her 14 years of experience in show business.

Nadine Lustre’s latest single is “Mr. Antipatiko,” also the theme song for the movie “Para sa Hopeless Romantic,” that also features her on-screen partner, “Diary ng Panget” and TBYD co-star, James Reid. Video below courtesy of vivaent.

2. James Reid: Reid Alert

Fast rising star James Reid has launched a new record with an imminent title “Reid Alert.” Boasting with his signature upbeat RnB single “Huwag Ka Nang Humirit,” written by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana. Video below courtesy of vivaent.

JaDine gets sweeter and sweeter with their duet “Hanap-Hanap” becoming the album’s second single and theme song of the latest JaDine movie “Para sa Hopeless Romantic”.  This is the latest song partnership from your favorite young love team following their successful collaborations in “No Erase,” and “Bahala Na.” Video below courtesy of vivaent.

The 6-track album includes an electro-pop song, “Randomantic”, and more certified fan-favorites like “Bonfire Love Song” and “Babalik”—the latter two also written by the Thyro-Yumi duo while Canadian super-producer, Adam Hurstfield has pitched in the catchy and pop tune “10”.

1. Sarah Geronimo: Perfectly Imperfect

Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo’s reinvention continues with her new sound, a new style and a brand new album under Viva Records. “Perfectly Imperfect” is Sarah G’s 11th studio album, a blend of her signature pop style with contemporary R&B and EDM. For this 11-track album, she has worked with Canadian producer Adam Hurstfield, the producer behind Ne-Yo, Super Junior and Backstreet Boys.

She just keeps getting better and better, the carrier single “Kilometro” is an enough proof. A composition by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana, this song is a powerful mid-tempo song giving us a taste of her new stunning record performances. Sarah G’s voice has no comparison. “Perfectly Imperfect” showcases her stellar vocal ability revealing a more matured artist behind the songs. Video below courtesy of vivamusicgroup1.

So load up your teen playlist! This is a rare opportunity to get to know the music of the new generation. It’s not so much about how the new sound exists because above all, we should give attention to real artists.

All albums are still out in your favourite record stores, in iTunes and music streaming websites like Spotify and Deezer. Buy your copies now! Buy only the original!

Indeed, today’s Pinoy music has evolved in all aspects. For always, music boils down to someone’s personal taste but should inspire people in general. Let’s embrace this new sound, new trend and the next generation of performers.

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