Top 3 Reasons To Buy Regine Velasquez’s Hulog Ka Ng Langit

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is one of the Philippines’ most influential pop record artists of all time. She recently launched “Hulog Ka Ng Langit,” her newest album released under her recording label Universal Records. I still can’t believe that I saw her again in a different set up. I am a fan of Regine’s music and now I’m part of the media who’s responsible for publishing what’s new about her and what’s this new record is all about. It’s such a delight to see Nate playing arounf the media launch. Indeed, it’s another humbling experience. Take a look for more photos HERE.Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (5)

Naming a short list as to why Hulog Ka Ng Langit album is a must-have. Here’s the 3 reasons:

  • 17 Songs About Love

It’s a 17-track album, all the songs will surely make you smile. I felt the love and endearment from an inspiring mother and child relationship just like what Regine and baby Nate has with the songs included in the album especially after listening to Nate’s sound bites in some of the tracks like “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” and “My Child.” It tells me about Songbird’s celebration of motherhood and how’s she enjoying it. It’s actually prominent in the beautiful Regine and Nate portraits displayed at the media launch.  Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (2)

It sounded a sweet lullaby too because of the violin and viola tracks by Xeric Tan & Velvet Strings. Top favorites includes the carrier single “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” and “My Child” written by Aaron Paul Del Rosario, “The One Real Thing” penned by Trina Belamide and “Natahaniel (Gift of God)” composed by Jude Gitamondoc. The song truly embodies what the album is all about – unconditional love between husbands and wives, and mothers to children. It’s great to listen to some of the Filipino hits like APO’s “Pag-ibig,” Gary Valenciano’s “Hele ni Inay,” Karylle’s “Sa ‘Yo Na Lang Ako” and Christian Bautista’s “Araw, Ulap, Langit.”Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (8)

Listen to the lyrics “because Nate you’re amazing, just the way you are,” a duet of Mr & Mrs. Alcasid from the track Bruno Mars has popularized, “Just The Way You Are.” “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” was produced by Ito Rapadas and Diana Velasquez-Roque. This album is also dedicated to Regine’s father, Mang Gerry Velasquez.Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (7)

“The whole album actually is dedicated to my son, Nate. But I have included a lot of love songs pero ‘yung mga love songs dedicted pa rin kay Nate kase pwede naman. Pero kung hindi ka naman mommy at wala ka naman anak, makaka-relate ka pa rin kase inisip ko rin yung iba na hindi pa naman pinagdadaanan ‘yung pinagdadadanan ko. Pwede pa rin nilang ma-appreciate ang album. The title of “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” came from the song “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” which was written by Aaron Paul Del Rosario. Noong narinig ko iyong song, I fell inlove with song so much,” opens the multi-awarded recording artist  as she introduced the concept of the album.

Listen to “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” full track in this link courtesy of UniversalRecPH.

Regine recounts that when work has started for the album, the whole team was leaning towards making a baby album. “The challenge really was to have a special, not-so-typical baby album,” shares Regine. “An album that can be appreciated by everyone – kids, parents, lovers, and family.” “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” promises to give the public an inspiration to continuously hope for their own happiness with people they truly love and care for. She also shared some of her mommy moments in the press con.Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit

Album preview below courtesy of UniversalRecPH.

  • Colorful album presentation

Beyond the beautiful Regine Velasquez portrait in the slip-case cover (album cover), inside was a colorful mini baby scrapbook with the song lyrics. There’s a lot of Nate moments there, documented through Regine’s Instagram and compiled into the album. Below are samples of what you’ll see, check this out!Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (9)


Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (15) Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (14) Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (13) Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (12) Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (11) Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (10)

  • Help the victims of typhoon Yolanda

Every “Hulog Ka Ng Langit” album you buy, proceeds goes to Philippine Red Cross. Owning an album while helping others is totally a different thing. In partnership of Universal Records and the Songbird, they agreed to donate part of the Hulog Ka Ng Langit album sales to the Philippine Red Cross. An inital P500,000.00 donation was given to Philippine Red Cross at the media launch in Livestock Restaurant and Bar, QC.Regine Velasquez - Hulog Ka Ng Langit (3)

The Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez has recently launched a number of special projects for the benefit of the Typhoon Yolanda victims like the auction of her and Nate’s personal items. “Yung mga nasa Villamor Airbase, meron silang “Adopt A Day,” anybody can do that. Parang kitchen soup, you feed them 3 to 4 times a day. Me and my sisters were planning to do that plus konting pampasaya lang sa kids kase s’yempre they’re traumatized, so I wanna get toys. Kung meron kayong mga kakilala na may mga lumang toys, you can bring it there, donate them. It doesn’t have to be me, it can be just you guys. Go there and just setup a soup kitchen. They also need volunteers there,” says Regine as she continues to propagate the continues relief efforts for the victims of Yolanda.

“My husband and I recorded this song called “The Lord Is Our Savior,” very timely sa ngayon. It’s a duet written by Ogie and can be downloaded in iTunes. 100% po niyan ay mapupunta po sa victims ng Yolanda. Universal Records is coming out with a CD, we have “The Prayer,” which can be dowloaded and 100% proceeds will go to the victims of Yolanda,” adds Regine.

Watch Regine Velasquez & Ogie Alcasid duet of “The Lord Is Our Savior” at the “25 I Write The Songs” concert. Video by iamQRITIKO.

Songbird’s philanthropic contributions and intentions were impressive and very heartfelt. It teaches us about helping in any way we can, sure that it can make a huge difference to someone out there. So now you know why this album is a must-have, go ahead and grab a copy now!

“Hulog Ka Ng Langit” is now available in your favorite record stores. Support the Hulog Ka Ng Langit album tour: SM Pampanga (01 Dec 2013, Sunday) & SM Sta. Rosa (11 Dec 2013, Wednesday). All shows start at 5:00 p.m.

Leaving you with 3 of the fabulous videos recently uploaded in You Tube:

If I Ain’t Got You, an international collaboration with Alicia Keys. Video courtesy of SongbirdOnline.

Regine’s guesting in Sarah G’s Perfect 10 concert, video courtesy of iamQRITIKO.

And this once in a lifetime chance collaboration: Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga in one stage performing a Barbra Streisand medley. Video courtesy of iamQRITIKO.

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