Urbandub Fans Reminisce Through ‘Endless Revisited’

Can you imagine a jam-packed place with all of the Dubistas singing and reminiscing with Gab & John’s acoustic performance? It happened at the intimate venue Music Museum last May 27, 2016 when they stripped down Urbandub hits in celebration of the successful release of the “Urbandub: Endless” DVD, released under MCA Music.


They mesmerized the crowd with an explosive set in synchronized acoustic that brought together almost all of their hits, as well as familiar songs from the last 15 years. It began with songs from bands Sirens and Autotelic. Gab and John also shared the stage with Russel Manaloto on bass. These guys left us more memories and had us craving for all that what we love and miss about the band in a toned-down song arrangements.

And with all the band’s ups and downs, it’s been great to see all the Dubistas, still solid with the Urbandub over the years. From all of Gab’s stories at the acoustic concert, and as we all know it; Urbandub has been very vocal about their gratitude and love towards the fans. Endless Revisited is now part of the Urbandub history. It is not goodbye just yet, instead we are looking forward to the continuity of Urbandub’s music legacy in OPM.

Urbandub original members are Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol, Lalay Lim, and JanJan Mendoza; disbanded and held their farewell concert in April 2015.

Gab and John ended up singing their own songs from existing materials that they’re currently working on.

Set List:

Never Will I Forget
Soul Searching
Dim the Headlights
A New Tattoo
Sleight of Hand
A Call to Arms
Quiet Poetic
First of Summer
The Fight is Over
Miles (by Cables & Space)
Demons (by Gab Alipe)

[IN PHOTOS] Endless Revisited: Special Acoustic Performance by Gab & John


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