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“The Wizard of Oz” is Kids Acts Philippines‘ season offering, with script and lyrics by Luigi Nacario and music by Eugene Belbis. Staged last 26 and 27 Sept 2014 at the Star Theater, Star City Compound, CCP Complex, and inspired by the children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” written by L. Frank Baum. The Wizard of Oz is a musical for the kids by kids as it features mostly professional theater actors aged 7 to 14.


Kids Acts Philippines unfolds the story on stage showcasing the genuine portrayals of the TheCampArt Kid Actors, augmenting children’s interests in performing arts. “Kids to become professional stage actors must undergo intensive workshop for acting and singing,” tells Luigi Nacario.

Written especially for parents to enjoy with their children but even the smallest members of the family enjoyed the play, a charming children’s tale bursting with musical medleys and magical moments, “The Wizard of Oz” is a beautiful production your kids will love and learn from. The great performances from these kids suit the very little ones, the nearly big ones, and the grown-ups.

It’s been long since we’ve not attended Sir Toots’ press events and we’re happy to really make it for this one. It’s our first time covering a Kids Acts Philippines show; we came all the way from Rizal to watch this musical.

The musical showcased the story of the wicked witch of the East with an additional story about the history and importance of Dorothy’s golden cap through the winged monkeys is a rediscovery of the real story of Oz. It’s amazing to see the great wizard of Oz. He is wearing a green robe, very likable and not that scary just like his big audible voice when he was still commanding Dorothy and her friends on what to do to get their wishes. To work hard for our dreams and aspirations is the main lesson that we’ve learned. Let us all go confidently in focus towards achieving them all.

Sharing you our TOP 5 favorite scenes from the Kids Acts Philippines’ “The Wizard of Oz:”

  1. Recognizing Dorothy Gale from Kansas, played by Nadine Cortina, who always imagine beautiful things somewhere over the rainbow. One day, a cyclone came that hit her house and circled up inside the cyclone, floated down through clouds and crashed to the beautiful and colorful land of the munchkins, the Munchkinland. Her adventure started by following the paved road with yellow bricks to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and asked her way to Kansas.Wizard of Oz - Kap (1)
  2. Meeting other characters: Scarecrow (Allen Orolfo), Tin Woodman (Van Crisologo) and Cowardly Lion (Raven Orolfo) who became her friends and went with her to also seek help from the Wizard.
    Wizard of Oz - Kap (2)
  3. Seeing the little four witches of Oz: the Wicked Witches of the East and West and the Good Witches of North – Belinda and South – Glinda. All Witches had magical things that made Dorothy’s adventure delightful: from the Silver Shoes of the Witch of the East, to the broomstick of the Witch of West, from the magical kiss of Belinda to Glinda’s revelation of the charm of the shoes. The story is about determination, love, courage, honesty and an important place like no other in the world – home.
    Wizard of Oz - Kap (4)
  4. The story transports us from Kansas to following the yellow brick road and eventually arriving at the Emerald City. It was great to see wonderful characters with super colorful costumes. Ultimately, everything ends happily with Dorothy and her friends helping her to fulfill her dreams and all of them learning things about fulfilling the journey of life.
    Wizard of Oz - Kap (5)
  5. Toe-tapping songs and kid’s dance steps kept even the smallest children glued their attention to the stage while parents were swept along in the fun. We’ve discovered the true charm of the silver shoes as their journey became so thrilling and enchanting.
    Wizard of Oz - Kap (3)More photos from Kids Acts Philippines’ “The Wizard of Oz” HERE.

    The Kids Acts Philippines The Kids Acts Philippines is a non-stock, non-profit professional theater company that stages original and adapted youth and children’s plays. Its endeavors intend to humbly support the underprivileged young Filipino artists.Their mission is to enhance the artistic capabilities of children and young adults through interactive arts media such as theater, music, literature and visuals as they provide an avenue for children and young adults with common views on bringing up interactive arts as tools to develop excellent new generation of artists and disciplined citizens. For further inquiries, please call 750-1551 / (0915)447-8959.

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