Jinky Vidal & Luke Mejares Deliver Electrified Live Performances with Soundtrip Sessions Vol. 1

Jovelyn Bajo-Calingo, July 10, 2019

Pop-R&B singers Jinky Vidal and Luke Mejares, vocalists from their respective bands, Freestyle and Southborder, recently performed a one-night-only concert billed as “Soundtrip Sessions Vol. 1.”

Love is in the air when they collaborated for some of the songs we used to listen to on repeat—like a major throwback to an era when bar scenes and pocket live music performances were still popular.

The night of the concert started off with local acts, Heart Salvador and Laraza before the crowd went wild as the main performers arrived on Music Museum stage.

Awesome Soulful Connections

Jinky and Luke kicked off the show with a mash-up of “I Love Your Smile” & “Undecided” and followed it up with 80’s fan-favorite tunes like “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “After All,” Hold Me in Your Arms,” ‘Till I Loved You,” “So Amazing,” and “I Will Take You Forever.”

Luke sings his rendition of “Tender Love,” “Say It” and “Whenever Wherever Whatever” while Jinky performs “Make Me Whole,” “Weak” and “Never Gonna Let You Go” — songs that perfectly represent each of their own musicality.

Their duet rendition of Tamia & Eric Bennet’s “Spend My Life” and Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.’s “Best Part” became the highlight of the night—evidently showing their admiration for each other as an artist and the soulful connection between the two is undeniably awesome. Duet videos below courtesy by Filipino Vines Original.

New Soundtrip

OPM songs—old and new—sparked intimate expressions among audiences such as: Luke’s “Aaminin Ko Sa ‘Yo” and “Kahit Kailan”; Jinky Vidal’s “Totoo” and “Bakit Iniwan Na” (Freestyle); and an additional duet of “Could We” and “Muli.”

Luke’s “Aaminin Ko Sa ‘Yo” is part of his 2017 album entitled “Black Bird” while Jinky has a newly-released song titled “Do My Thing” that’s now up on Spotify and the other single “Totoo” is set to be released soon.

Pioneering OPM

Over the years, Luke and Jinky’s experience as band vocalists have played pivotal roles in their musical evolution within OPM. Both transitioning as a solo artist, we knew they constantly experiment new styles and reinvent themselves to give supporters a new sound—and we have nothing but love for the two of them.

Before closing the show, they performed a medley of Michael Jackson mash-up songs, in which we also enjoyed ‘Best of Referendum’ hits like “Twisted,” “Hey,” “Too Close,” and “Do You Believe.”

Jinky and Luke also took time to thank the crowd for the show’s success. Indeed, Soundtrip Sessions Vol. 1 has provided a stellar chance to rediscover their kind of music where fans and supporters can celebrate every chance they get to appreciate them live.

More photos HERE.

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