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Jovelyn Bajo-Calingo, December 9, 2019

To my surprise, I ended up putting this blog post because of last Thursday night ‘s (12.5.19) concert. After focusing my mind to work for the whole of November, I’m back to share some previous concert experiences; the ones that impressed me or just because I’ve had a great time shooting for.

The Perfectly Abled Persons, Inc. brought artists like wheelchair dance duo Julius Obero & Rhea Marquez; classical guitarists Aaron Aguila and Iqui Vinculado; and legendary balladeer Basil Valdez together and they’re all perfectly match.

‘A Night at the Museum: A Benefit Concert with Basil Valdez’ is the show that I’m talking about. It charms audiences with exuberance and it’s extraordinarily unique for me that I got to enjoy and dance to classical guitar music and ballad.

World-Class Dance Duo

Finally, I got to watch Filipino wheelchair dance duo Julius Obero and Rhea Marquez.

Not only they’re known to perform jaw-dropping and inspiring show-stopping acts, but they’re also the reigning two-time world champions in the Combi Freestyle Class 2 and have won the first Asian Championships.

Check out their finals performance during the PGT 2018. Video courtesy of Pilipinas Got Talent.

Appreciating the classical guitar sound

I took a moment of appreciation for the classical guitar music segment. Since the show, I missed it badly; that’s a better way to say it — when the classical guitarists Aaron Aguila & Iqui Vinculado graced the intimate set, which was a great relief before playing the soaring ballad of the iconic Basil Valdez.

The enormous strings arrangement is spectacular as they both performed with greater polish, passion, and zest. I would love to hear more about this duo also known as Dos Kitara!

The Ballad of Basil

The Philippines’ legendary and premiere balladeer Basil Valdez stages another amazing night singing his greatest hits. From “Kastilyong Buhangin,” Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan, “Ngayon at Kailanman,” “Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan,” among others, all have the coherence of grand narratives and an epic way of telling stories. It remains attractive through time with his flawless vocals.

His concerts convey stories of all these songs; even arouse messages in his audiences, which usually persuades the love for OPM. The ballad of Basil is fueled with the brilliance that even how many times the songs get newer versions; we still go back to the timeless original.

I never thought I would love this show this much but it just pulls at the heartstrings with yearning affection to the times I spent in the audience shooting for artists on stage. It’s not always about the awesome light and stage design because what I’ve seen there was pure talent. It always feels simpler that way.

As time is fleeting, I knew this job that I have with the MMGI is relatively short; tough and yet challenging, but still redefines my style, artistry, and level of expertise. Maybe someday it will make me feel nostalgic.

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