About three songs into her performance, including the most successful “Snow on the Sahara,” Indonesian superstar Anggun turned to the adoring crowd who trooped to Eastwood Mall Open Park on Sunday night to thank them for coming.


“Thank you for coming. I really hope you enjoy the album and say it to your friends and family. If they like it, I might come here for real concert!”

Oozing with an enthralling stage presence, Anggun visited Manila for a series of shows held at the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls to promote her latest album “8.” All thanks to MCA Music and Ms. MJ Juco for inviting us at the press conference to meet the music icon up close and personal. Check out all the happenings compiled in this video!

Being one of the few Asian entertainers who has earned international acclaim and without any doubt the world’s most famous Indonesian-born recording artist, Anggun talked about her music journey at the well-attended press con.

“As a songwriter, I have to be honest in writing. I would like to write something that’s meaningful, narrative and something that boosts people. I’m aiming something that will last for a long time, something timeless,” narrated Anggun regarding her approaches to songwriting.

Wearing an endearing smile all throughout, Anggun freely discussed her music making process and how she just fell in love with music.

Anngun 8 presscon (4)

“I try not to be polluted with a lot of things. I just love music. It’s the love of music that always saves me. The most important to me is the song, the melody, and the story. Once you have that, you can just put everything you want.”

“It’s like a woman’s body, if the body is beautiful you can wear everything you want. It doesn’t really matter the package, what matter is what’s inside.”

“I worked with 3 different teams and they’re all quite young. In music, I’m not the type of artists who always has to do herself, I need people to help me and I need them because I like them, because I love the things that they have to offer and I like doing collaborations like that.”

It’s a fact that the music industry has been into continuous fundamental shifts and new trends: the emergence of new generation of artists, the transition of digital music economy, and the millennials as the dominant music consumers. But despite all of it, Anggun feels extremely lucky to still be able to do her own brand of music with fans who relentlessly support her.

“Yes, the music has changed. There are many more musicians and artists nowadays. Everyone can just be a YouTube sensation or a music phenomenon. It gets easier for people to get their music out there first but that doesn’t change my own music either.”

“I don’t change my appearance as record labels usually suggest me to do, but I try not to do that because I believe, even for all of us, you can be the best version of who you are.”

“I know that the music industry has changed so much for the past 10 years and now everything is in the digital. Everything gets dematerialized and I have to live with it.”

Journey after ‘Snow on the Sahara’

“Snow on the Sahara” was a massive breakthrough that has sold over two million units worldwide including triple Platinum in Italy and Indonesia, Platinum in France and Malaysia, Gold in Switzerland, Finland, Philippines, and Singapore. It brought Anggun to the broader international market with the release of her debut international album in 33 countries.


“I have not stopped a bit. 8 is my eight album. It has a lot of whirlwinds, I have had ups and downs but I keep making music because at the end of the day it’s the craziest and most fulfilling thing ever. I made few albums that hit number one for some countries and done a lot of things other than music like on the humanitarian side like being an Ambassador of UN and I’ve been working with UN since 10 years ago. Now with ‘Asia’s Got Talent,’ we have just announced a new season and in between that, my personal life has also been very fulfilling,” revealed Anggun during the press con.

In Photos HERE: Anggun At the Press Con 

Anggun as a lyricist

Anggun’s current single “What We Remember” is an addictive pop-electro single, which entered directly on the Top 10 best-selling iTunes songs across Eastern Asia upon its release, a song from the album 8. The album is now available on Spinnr, Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. LISTEN NOW: https://lnk.to/Anggun8. Music video below is courtesy of Anggun Video.

Anggun stressed that her latest album is a reflection of herself. “I do believe that artists should write their own songs, own material or just the lyrics because my father used to say that ‘your words reflect who you are.’”

She made a rundown of her compositions in the album (except for Medicine and Meditation) that were mostly inspired by her personal experiences.

She also talked about the words she put together for the songs, like in ‘Righteous,’ which is also the title track from the album. “It tells about my worries with how the world is going on at the moment. We have this tendency in various parts of the world in electing the wrong people we put in position and with all these social media, you don’t know who your true friends are or true enemies, the lines are blurred.”

“There’s the song ‘Ocean,’ where I talked about this bullying phenomenon, a danger that we are facing for our children. They are the people who have no manners and politeness and all they can say are the harshest things.”

“I also talked about being grateful for the song ‘Thank You.’ It’s about having a beautiful life. There are tears but there are also joys. I always think that no matter where you are or how you are in your life right now, you should always be thankful. ‘No Promises’ is about women being braver in the society nowadays. It’s how women decide for herself.”

Anggun also revealed that she wants to write more definitive songs and she hopes to inspire fans with her new music.

Meet and Greet with Anggun

In the said event, fans were able to purchase Anggun’s 8 album for only Php 650 which entitled them to one (1) album, show access, CD signing passes and a meet and greet with Anggun.

Anggun 8 (9)

After the media tasks and taking her performance photos, I also lined up for the meet and greet. Each of us has a special close engagement with her. Her voice is intimate and her uniqueness is remarkable enough to uplift each one of us.

Anggun’s comfortability while talking to her fellow Asians during the event and her love for Filipino fans are worthy of attention. “Be different. You should be proud of where you come from. Be proud of your heritage. Stay true to yourself and honest in all the things you do,” shared Anggun of how proud she is to be Asian.

As the event drew to a close, everyone kept calling her for more moments. Live music shows are usually defined by the connection made between artists and audience. And Anggun’s spontaneous gestures and impressive artistry were the fascinating moments during her album promo in Manila.

She has that effortless superstar poise!

In Photos HERE: Anggun Live At Eastwood Mall Open Park 

Leaving you with the official remix video of Anggun’s first single, What We Remember. Video courtesy of Anggun Video.


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