New Year Improvements and IV of Spades’ Transformation

Everybody loves resolutions but eventually learns to hate it because there are no results. It usually starts bright and positive but in the long run becomes difficult.

All the while, I thought attending #iBlog14 recently is enough to get me back to writing but I was wrong. Then I reviewed this POST again and reminded myself that I should invest more time in what I would like to do every day.

New Year Goal Setting

Since it’s a new year again, I started thinking about what goals I’d like to set for this year. For me, writing goals isn’t about aiming too high. I know I dwindle on sharing things here on the blog, and instead take things over to Instagram and pretend to write the next day but to be realistic, it’s still lacking.  Definitely a bad habit to end 2018.

This year, it’s about setting new goals, creating calendar plans, becoming better and sticking to it. So at the start of the year, I’ve been reading “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon and it says “You don’t put yourself online only because you have something to say — you can put yourself online to find something to say.” This very phrase kicked an inspiration and I was compelled to write this entry now and fill out a new page.

I should stop spending so much time in my head and start working. It feels perfect to start with untimely but interesting backlogs as my mind is swamped with many things to share. Let’s begin with this workable plan and say hello to a new blogger me.

With all the changes that have been happening internally within this blog and the constant evolution of music, one thing I recently had to accept is the disbandment of the Filipino pop-rock band IV of Spades (IVOS).

I’ve watched them live the first time during the #RoadToLightMusicFestival at the Music Museum. Experiencing them playing their hits on stage was one of my most unforgettable concert experience of 2018. I remembered listening to them on Spotify since the time “Mundo” started to trend in social media networks.

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