Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista performs at the Music Museum recently for the launch of his latest album “Kapit.”Christian Bautista Kapit Launch (8)

For more than 15 songs, Christian had the audience singing earnestly with his timeless popular hits and covers including, “Colour Everywhere,” “Afraid for Love to Fade,” “Ngiti,” “I’m Already King,” and “The Way You Look at Me.”

With numerous critically-acclaimed hits and several acting stints, Christian has already made an incredible mark in the entertainment industry.

Kapit promises lyrical masterpieces, original melodic ballads, and a pristine voice only Christian Bautista can offer. “This album is a journey to find my next music path, a challenge to write more songs and to continue writing songs for others,” reveals Christian.This record is co-written and co-produced by Christian himself, and also features originals and duets with “Encantadia” star Gabbi Garcia (for the song “Maghihintay”), Morissette Amon (for the song “Ikaw Lamang”), and international artist/ and American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez (for the song “Two Forevers”).Christian Bautista Kapit Launch (13)

At the album concert launch, Christian surprises the audience as he whips up a little balladry magic for the song “Huling Harana” as it was accompanied by a cello. Video below is courtesy of JD Z.

Possessing of energy and passion, Christian freshly minted the new album with crooner-style ballads and arrangements that are sure to soothe the listening pleasure both for fans and general music listeners.

With his most recent and compelling single; Kapit blasts its way through the charts shortly after being released, further solidifying that Christian still delivers the hits. His new sights and sounds definitely pull the strings at the music charts. Kapit music video by UniversalRecPH.

He also shared the stage with guest performers Sam Concepcion, Kyle Juliano, Gio Levy and The Company.Christian Bautista Kapit Launch (20)

Fans had their CDs autographed after the show, an audience treat for supporting the concert and buying the newest album.

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