David Pomeranz shares his timeless songs at Teatrino

Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter David Pomeranz is back in Manila for a 2-night concert at Teatrino’s intimate venue, and shared his timeless songs and unpretentious personality to his supporters. I’m pleased seeing his audience with a genuine love for an artist such as David Pomeranz. I love his good humor and distinctive timbre.David-Pomeranz-Up-Close-(17)

I’ve previously watched him perform with music legend Melissa Manchester at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum last April 2016. We were serenaded by vivid songs and life stories then. Over the years, David Pomeranz’s solo recordings and songs have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

This time, working behind-the-scenes with Music Museum has been a good undergo. I engaged through social media to promote the show and not literally working close to him. And even if the show’s first night has been tough, the sold-out second show was a delight to witness.

I haven’t seen anyone trying to shy away in the meet-and-greet after the concert because people love to get closer to the stage. Their smiles are just joy flooding all over the venue. David Pomeranz is truly loved. He deserves more than a pat on the back as he performs solo with his piano and guitar while relentlessly entertaining his audience all at the same time.


He has his own spiels, delivers great vocals and sing his heartfelt ballads of more than 15 songs including his greatest hits.

What’s even more wonderful is even without David’s control; people continue to sing loudly with him, a testament that his music still connects with the crowd no matter how long the songs have been around since being released. It’s amazing how David Pomeranz still sounds just as good through the years.

David Pomeranz Set List:

1. I Learned It All From You
2. Got to Believe In Magic
3. Undying Admiration
4. Trying to Get that Feeling
5. I Still Believe
6. Number One (Chaplin)
7. Crazy Beautiful
8. If You Walked Away
9. Get Back – Guitar
10. Guitar duet (with Billy Melendrez)
11. You’re the Inspiration
12. On This Day
13. Old Songs
14. Born For You
15. Encore: King & Queen of Hearts, Stand By Me, What Matters Most

IN PHOTOS HERE: David Pomeranz Up Close…

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