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Thinking back from the first time I attended iBlog, the Philippine Blog Summit, I remember how proud I felt after a day full of learnings and even felt anxious about meeting highly successful bloggers.

It was where I met Ms. Janette Toral. Her expertise and advocacies have given Filipinos many opportunities in this digital era.

During the blogging summit, I love how she encourages every participant to focus on the foundation of learning to ensure continued growth. Since then, as a newbie, I become excited to explore their world with great interest.

As we always say, we should never get tired of learning. That’s why I’m back for #iBlog14, to chase down the next great ideas.

iBlog 14 participants group photo courtesy of Jose Filomar Remola Bas (Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law).

We listened to speakers like Alandale Palisoc (Finding your identity from blogger to influencer), Sherwin Yeo (Digital Marketing), Paula Cabildo (How to grow your audience organically), Mikael Francisco (The Art of Science Communication), Jane Uymatiao (Bloggers as truth tellers), Ian Bacungan (Blogging for peace), Jim & Toni Saret (Obesity problem), and Joemar Belleza (Blogging for equality).

Constant topics at the blog conference are data privacy, libel, copyright & cybercrime (Legal Q & A with bloggers) and digital leadership by Janette Toral.

iBlog14 reminds bloggers to keep growing: take personal leadership, be responsible for handling and writing information, be credible, continue to create interaction with your readers.

Ms. Janette also evokes the importance of deciding on vital factors such as how many do we want to influence, be able to identify the people to influence and grow readership to the people who will benefit our content.

Building the momentum as a blogger is her most important reminder that day. “You have to invest in what you’re doing every day,” tells Ms. Janette. She suggested 3 activities to do on a daily basis: encourage 3 friends to read your post, post 3 times on social media in any platforms, participate in conversations 3 times a day to help build relationships with other bloggers.

After attending the said event, I’m still hungry to learn new things. For me, I’d love to know more about digital marketing, writing Science is difficult and the #FitFilipinoMovement is challenging.

I’ve been blogging for several years now, but sharing my experience and connecting to the global audience is still the best goal I can think of.

And every time I doubt myself, get tired and stop writing, I reflect on the days why I started until I find myself again, to rediscover my voice and purpose.

A previous post about iBlog reminds me of these lines. “For me, blogging is also like music, it needs lyrics, melody, and people who will listen to it. And as I write and feature music on my blog, it will always be where you can find your favorite music and artist emotions onstage through my voice that will give a further story to it. I choose to be an influencer who will continue to campaign for music and OPM.”

Looking forward to the next iBlog event! May we continue to support the blogging community and keep the iBlog legacy alive. Check out videos and presentations from iBlog 14 on this LINK.

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