‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’: The music in its story

Every so often we come across a Filipino film we can be proud of — something that’s rooted from natural portrayals; a story that balances an eclectic mix of fun, laughs, earnestness and lightheartedness; a raw and unsuperficial telling of love and the realities of relationships; a coming of age; and most of all a refreshingly nostalgic blend of old and new OPM music that permeates all throughout the narrative. This season’s most talked about independent film that is “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”I'm-Drunk-I-Love-You-OST-WEB

The soundtrack to the film brings a breath of fresh air amongst the infamous use of highly popular, old and new, OPM and American songs being repeatedly employed as theme songs and titles to mainstream films of our local cinema.

It makes one to think, how come our cinema can’t produce music that’s made and meant only for a particular film or series? Even Japanese animations have original music that’s attuned to its story and becomes its distinctive trademark.

Ever felt those feelings when you hear a song and it brings you back instantly to those moments in that film you so love? That is when something becomes truly lasting and one of a kind.

The soundtrack may not be handcrafted specifically for the film but the way each is carefully chosen to form one cohesive story that overlaps with the narrative is something worth welcoming in the industry.

This is why films like “I’m Drunk, I Love You” that’s making an effort to put out a well-thought out music that uniquely plays a part and not just a mere background should be celebrated and supported. Official movie trailer below by TBA Studios.

Get drunk and fall in love over again

Rounding up the 12 track soon-to-be-released official soundtrack album are original works from both independent veterans and emerging new talents – spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo in his mood music with “More Than What We Are,” indie act Shirebound and Busking’s (Iego  Tan) quirky comical “Lloydy,” Kai Honasan’s bright and breezy “Basta’t Kasama Kita,” Jimmy Bondoc’s romantic road trip anthem “Hanggang Dito Na Lang” from his 2008 “Walang Araw, Walang Ulan” studio album, Parokya ni Edgar’s groovy jam “Maniwala Ka Sana” from the band’s 1996 album “Khangkhunghermitz,” Cynthia Alexander’s introspective folk “No Umbrella” (album version by Kai Honasan), another from Severo in his emotional lullaby “Huling Gabi,”  Sugarfree’s alternative rock “Heto Na Naman Tayo” (album version by David Yuhico), another from Shirebound and Busking in the melancholic love letter “Pahintulot,” which he wrote for a girl in the hopes of keeping their budding relationship after moving away, 3D: Danao, Dancel, Dumas’ profound acoustic “Burnout” (originally by Sugarfree from the 2003 album Sa Wakas), The Out of Body Special’s jazzy funk 2010 single “Delikado,” and Ang Bandang Shirley’s rhythmic indie “Tama Na Ang Drama” from the 2013 album of the same title.


The song “Lloydy” is inspired by John Lloyd Cruz and was first released at the UP underground music community by Iego Tan. Music video below by TBA Studios.

The song “Huling Gabi” was also previously featured in the 2015 independent film “I Love You, Thank You” that was part of the Filipino New Section of the World Premieres Film Festival (WPFF).

Also included for the upcoming OST are cover versions of the film leads Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador in Lloydy, Hanggang Dito Na Lang, Maniwala Ka Sana, and Huling Gabi.

Here’s a 90-second snippet of all 12 tracks from the upcoming official soundtrack. Keep your tabs on the release date, coming very soon! Video below by #IDILY Facebook fan page.

For most, including myself, it’s not surprising to see that we have discovered these hidden gems by way of introduction through the film. Whether you’re an avid OPM fan or not, the songs and how these relate truthfully to the film’s storyline have made that solitary connection that one won’t ever feel from another.

Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, and Bullet Dumas collaborated in a brand new version of “Burnout,” a song originally performed by Sugarfree. Video below by #IDILY Facebook fan page.

Meanwhile, the much-talked about film of the season is now entering its 4th week in nationwide cinemas. Check screening schedules on their official Facebook page, @I’mDrunkILoveYou.I'm-Drunk-I-Love-You---4th-Week

Don’t miss it! See it in cinemas now and spread #IDILY4WARD4EVER!

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